Global Change Teachings for the New Millennium

An ongoing series of spiritual teachings, delivered by world Spiritual Leaders Gabriel of Urantia and Niánn Emerson Chase, which address topics of global concern and give answers to the crises of our times. Full length DVDs of these teachings can be purchased on-line at

Intuition, Psychometry, Premonition, Automatic Writing, Psychic Ability, Clairaudience, Pure-Impression, Spiritual Insight, & the Audio Fusion Material Complement. What is the Difference and Why?
A clarification on what these terms actually mean in relation to spiritual ascension, insight, and practice.
Playing Time — 4:52
Sacred and Protected Areas, Acres, and Vortices
Gabriel and Niánn explain how certain physical locations--past and present--have been regarded as safe, sacred, and protected; the spiritual reality behind these concepts.
Playing Time — 4:31
The Necessity of Sharing and Teaching Your Knowledge and Talents with Others
A discourse on the truth that knowledge is possessed only by sharing. Why it is so vital to share that which you have learned with others.
Playing Time — 4:31
Pro Life or Pro Choice? When Does Life Begin in the Mother's Womb?
What is the soul and when does it enter the body? Does abortion have any effect on the eternal soul or the person?
Playing Time — 5:56
Prophecy - Safety During End Times and Spiritual Perfection part 2
What is the real nature of prophecy? How can one be safe during these times of tribulation? (Part 2)
Playing Time — 4:27
The Difference Between Epochal Revelation, Evolutionary Religions, Planetary Mortal Epochs
A discourse on what constitutes revealed religion vs. evolved religion, and the intervening time between major planetary revelations.
Playing Time — 5:10
I'm Sorry, But That's Not My Department: The Many Excuses for the Sins of Omission
Gabriel and Niánn discuss how NOT doing something, can be as equally impactful as doing something
Playing Time — 5:24
God Flow, Serendipity, and Manifestation Power Factor
Gabriel and Niánn talk about manifestation in harmony with divine pattern, for the blessings and benefit of others.
Playing Time — 5:06