Ep. 28: The Ideals of Statehood - A Society of Self-Control, Discipline, & Law & Order


For centuries, valiant men and women have spoken out to connect people’s hearts with the Commandments of God. The prophets of old taught obedience to what was right because it was the right thing to do. Disobedience, sin, has ramifications in the physical world; in our bodies and in our societies.

Babylon, the fallen system, is wrought with greed and jealousy. The ideal state, Divine Administration, is a society of law and order, based on personal self-control and discipline.

This teaching includes comments from Minister TaliSeen JahRing on the 10 Commandments and their role in modern life.    

From a teaching from The URANTIA Book, Paper 71, Section 3 - The Ideals of Statehood

Gabriel of Urantia


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