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March 22, 2015

Anyone who hears this song (Interuniversal / Interplanetary Child in the player above) and can make these negative judgments on TaliasVan/Gabriel of Urantia, who wrote this song, does not know the Father nor the Son. Only a pure soul could write this song. They have already judged themselves. I pray for those souls that they will really come to know the Father and Christ Michael, my Father, then we can be brothers and sisters in eternity.

The Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation is the continuation of the Urantia Papers. I pray that those Urantia Book readers who fight so diligently to misrepresent Gabriel of Urantia realize who he is, that he is the Van of The URANTIA Book, that he is TaliasVan of Tora, of Avalon, and that they will become just as strong an advocate of him and Divine Administration as they have been enemies, for time is short on Urantia, and the Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation must reach over 500 million starseed, many of them in the Urantia Movement, who will never know where they came from and who they were or find their calling as a Cosmic Destiny Reservist. New and old souls alike must find The Urantia Book to redirect their lives to higher purpose, because in a very short time now an upstepping of the adjudication of the Bright and Morning Star versus Lucifer will occur that will increase the tribulation.

Individuals must hear from Christ Michael in this upstepping as to the possibility of moving their family to safety areas. As it says in the book of Revelation, only those with love in their hearts will hear what the Spirit of God is saying in the days prior to the coming of Christ Michael back to the earth. Many are needed to help in the planetary Divine Administration upon the return of Christ Michael, and you cannot do that if you go through the death experience.

It is not time to vacation, it is time for spiritual vocation.

—  The Bright and Morning Star of Salvington

Co-Founder Gabriel of Urantia and son Amadon of Urantia (click to enlarge)

Gabriel of Urantia/
Amadon of Urantia &
Gabriel of Urantia/TaliasVan