Ascension to Paradise

The URANTIA Book teaches and The Cosmic Family volumes teach that ascension to Paradise-which Christianity calls salvation-is for all humankind who are basically good people and that they don't even have to believe in God. It is by their actions that identifies a true spiritual person. The Cosmic Family volumes go on to say that in higher worlds of time and space - even worlds in our local universe of Nebadon, where Jesus Christ Michael did not bestow on (come to)-mortals ascend also based upon their goodness and kindness and how they treat other mortals. Jesus did not come to Earth/Urantia to die on the cross for the sins of mankind. He came to teach the Fatherhood of God and the brother-/sisterhood of humankind.

Incorporating the Fifth and Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation into one's consciousness does bring a higher understanding of all that God is and all that God has created. It brings a higher knowledge and having higher knowledge of God's inhabited Grand Universe should make one desire higher virtue and increase one's faith in the Universal Father of all. It not only helps us to become planetary citizens; it brings us to the consciousness of cosmic citizenship.

Being born again in God is a valid and eternal concept. It helps to create a more spiritualized mind and helps to manifest one's destiny and all the necessary tools and essentials one needs to meet that destiny. With a more spiritualized mind, one becomes a greater servant to humankind. But it is not a prerequisite to ascension to Paradise (salvation).

— Van of Urantia

We are doing it, not just stating it in words. Come and see for yourself.

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