Energy Reflective Circuits (ERCs)

Vortexes and Ley Lines

Energy Reflective Circuits (ERCs) Image
“Urantia is like a living organism with energy reflective circuits located on all of its major continents. Some would call these energy reflective circuits 'vortexes,' but that is not appropriate in cosmic terminology.”
The Cosmic Family, Volume 1 Paper 206

Introducing The Language of The Fifth World

COMMON or 3rd Dimensional Term

  • Vortex
  • Grid Links or Star Routes

4th Dimensional Term

  • Energy Reflective Circuit
  • Ley Lines

Higher Terminology from Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation:

energy reflective circuit — A Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation term designating the energy fields on a planet that allow for interdimensional communication and transportation. Also known in lower-level terminology as vortexes.

ley lines — Grid lines of energy between energy reflective circuits used for communication and transportation.

What is the connection between ley lines and energy reflective circuits?

Spiritual seekers often journey along ley lines or to the center of ERCs for the purpose of making themselves more receptive to clairvoyant or clairaudient experiences.

Where can ERCs be found around the world?

The Cosmic Family, Volume 1 reveals there are seven major ERCs around the world. The world's most active ERC is present in Tumácacori, Arizona due to the high level of spiritual education being communicated to students from around the world who are studying at The University of Ascension Science and The Physics of Rebellion. Ley lines from this Planetary Headquarters connect to the six other major ERCs around the world:

  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (indigenous call this area "The Three Rivers")
  • Maui, Hawaii
  • Glastonbury, England
  • Jerusalem, Israel
  • the South of France
  • the Yucatan in Mexico

Can humanity collectively strengthen the ERCs present around the world?

As individuals and as socialized communities, our daily choices and actions have a direct effect on the ERCs and ley lines closest to us, and have an indirect effect through particle reality to ERCs and ley lines more distant from our physical location.

As starseed awaken to their cosmic genetics through the opening of memory circuits, the spiritual consciousness of an area may be lifted, which increases the activity of ERCs in the region. A more detailed study of this is pursued by students of Ascension Science, while studies on the Physics of Rebellion further reveal how human error, sin, and iniquity significantly diminishes spiritual reality and can result in destabilization of mental energies and the natural environment.

“Groups of people have gone up to mountain tops only to find out that they cannot get along with each other enough to fight the harsh conditions that exist there. Is it the harsh conditions that defeated them or the harsh ways that they treated each other? Some have gone to beautiful agricultural areas where water was plentiful, but, because they could not get along with each other, drought overcame the area due to the fact that their spiritual lives were dry.”
Van of Urantia

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