Destiny Reservists

Destiny Reservists function as new paradigm missionaries, serving the whole world including the spiritually impoverished right here in America.

"The reserve corps of destiny consists of living men and women who have been admitted to the special service of the superhuman administration of world affairs. This corps is made up of the men and women of each generation who are chosen by the spirit directors of the realm to assist in the conduct of the ministry of mercy and wisdom to the children of time on the evolutionary worlds."

Urantia Book (114:7.1)

Global Community Communications Alliance mainly consists of Destiny Reservists from all over the world who are individuals who feel that they are being called by God to Planetary Divine Headquarters / Divine Administration for a specific destiny to accomplish in helping to serve humanity in some extra-special way.

The Book of Revelation calls these Destiny Reservists the 144,000 called-out ones.

Destiny Reservists are to be trained in various aspects of spiritual administration within the Machiventa Melchizedek government with the goal of becoming a mandated / ordained Minister who will one day be a Minister of State within the Divine New Order that the Promised One will establish when He returns to this planet.

  • Mandated Ministers even now, within our Divine Administration new millennium progressive community, do all the functions of an ordained Minister-marry, baptize (the dedication of one's self to God), preside at funerals, teach, counsel, conduct services and classes, and so on.

Destiny Reservists study revealed religion, or epochal revelation, which is The URANTIA Book (the first one-tenth of the Fifth Epochal Revelation) and The Cosmic Family volumes (the continuation of the Fifth Epochal Revelation).

  • Divine Administration is the only school on the planet that teaches these concepts. The school is called The University of Ascension Science And The Physics of Rebellion.
  • Children who are special souls are recognized early and given guidance and special education in relationship to their unique talents and gifts.

All Destiny Reservists live within Divine Administration grounds (here called Avalon Organic Gardens & EcoVillage) and work for the common good of all in cottage industries that include professionals of all kinds such as, skilled builders, mechanics, electricians, computer technicians, artists, musicians, animal husbandry caregivers, and gardeners to name a few. Divine Administration trains journeymen of all kinds.

Global Community Communications Alliance