The 5 Principles of
Planetary Peace and Justice

  1. The rich would give most of their money away that they really don’t need to the needy. They would become true philanthropists. The line between the rich and the poor would vanish.
    • A responsible way to do this would be to give increments of money to respected and proven spiritual and church leaders so that they could disperse responsibly to the needy. This is the method Jesus used with the Apostles. The people gave to the Apostles, who in turn dispersed the funds to the people.
  2. Free healthcare would be given to all, from babies to hospice. Any group of men who call themselves a government who follow the first commandment could not be in a government without this service to humanity.
    • As long as the money system exists, all doctors should be given a livable salary and no more. Doctors first and foremost are healers, and this should be the reason for their calling, not profit.
  3. Free education would be given to all students who wish it, no matter what the age.
    • A national board of educators should be set up to disperse good teachers to various universities everywhere, so that education is equal in every university, as well as learning tools to be appropriately dispersed. This should extend to all levels and grades, from elementary to university.
  4. Jobs would become careers, and all people would be placed in positions suitable to their experience, talents, and Creator-given destinies.
    • A national board should be organized—who understand the differences between old souls and new souls—that can determine early talents and place people (souls) according to their unique abilities and astral experiences.
    • EXAMPLE: New souls usually find themselves in physical construction, whereas older souls are the architects and designers.
    • For more information read The Cosmic Family, Volume 1. Please inquire for additional literature on the subject.
  5. The Creator would not become a subject that people would avoid but a subject that everyone would talk about with each other, because The Creator is the Father of All. This would cause the end of all antiquated religions into one world, true religion—the religion of the Fatherhood of the Creator and the brother-/sisterhood of all humankind.

These 5 principles are only the beginning foundation to planetary peace.

Additional principals of planetary peace cannot come until these first 5 are practiced, because they would not even be close to being understood.

But if applied immediately, these first 5 might save the world from its own self-destruction and the lives of millions and millions of people from the increasing earth changes and possible world war.

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