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Submitted by Michael from Brooksville on 01-21-2023

Hi, this is MichaEL and Nehemiah. We need to submit a few topics and areas we need prayers and guidance with. Please pray that our life celebration for our beloved mother Meiko goes well. Please pray that the probate court dealing with our grandmothers estate moves along smooth and in a timely manner. Please pray that the mortgage company is agreeable with our negotiations to sell the house involved in probate. Please pray for our safety and well being. respect, love and blessings.

Submitted by Jane from Nevada City on 11-19-2022

Prayer for my son, Forest Key: Holding Forest as healed and open to receive love from his family with strong, pure blood. Asking his Higher Self to help him.

Submitted by Marco from Pasadena on 08-30-2022

I need urgent prayer that my enemies let live in peace that they move away. Prayer for my marriage and finances. Elda & Marco

Submitted by Gregory from New York on 08-29-2022

I have found out that my end date for my current job is after Labor Day. I am asking for prayers that a door for a new job opens up for me and that I will not be behind on my bills.

Submitted by Pete from Dallas on 08-28-2022

Hello, would you and your staff please offer an urgent prayer to The Lord God for the redemption, deliverance and salvation of Bradley Dean Reynolds. Thank you so very much!

Submitted by Kathryn from Lawrenceville on 08-28-2022

I jace diabetes and my blood sugar is out of control please pray that my blood sugar is stable Correction:I have Also pray for strength in my legs Thank you ❣️

Submitted by Hubert from Graz on 08-21-2022

Dear brothers and sisters!  My name is Hubert. I want ask for pray against insomnia and depression (sleep only with medicin). But the most important thing is the revelation of the father's heart to receive his love. Thank you and much, much blessings for you! HUbert

Submitted by Esther from Pimlico, London on 08-20-2022

Please pray for my deliverance, as someone has done some evil against me to destroy me and cause me to lose my job. A lot of things are suddenly going wrong, There is a noise in my head and a shivering in my body. Please pray for me. Bless you.

Submitted by Daniel from Głogów on 08-09-2022

I was miracleously healed from cancer but the devil still tries to attack me- now I have hypertension and heart problems which needs urgent intervention and since there are no specialists available I count on the Lord only - again. Brothers and sisters let us rebuke that shortness of breath, blurred vision and all the symptoms in the mighty name of Jesus, amen

Submitted by Hans from Torvikbukt, Norway on 08-02-2022

Dear friends in Jesus Christ! Please pray for our sundayschool-ministry in Norway. We need Gods blessing after a lot of our groups have had a break after the pandemi. Pray for a prayer-revival. And follow us in our fb: Jesus to the children. We are planning a global "Prayer-day" with the name: PRAY FOR JESUS TO THE CHILDREN at November 26. Pray also for me and my family. Hans Orset, SundaySchool-minister in Norway.

Submitted by Anna from Oakland on 08-01-2022

Dear all spiritual supporters and beyond, I pray that I finally live a life with my good returned to me and I don’t have to suffer and go through evil again. I have everything I could ever dreamed of for eternity including doing what I enjoy and doing it very well, being abundant in personal and professional lives as well romantic, attracting and being surrounded by all that is the best for me very soon. I am protected and loved by divine forces as the good people and creatures in the world too.

Submitted by Maron from Wrocław on 07-30-2022

I have kyphosis, lower back disc. My spine is hunched and pinched nerve in neck. I'm fatigued and tired. I'm doing a master degree and I need to be healed in Jesus mighty name. I have been suffering for years. I can't take it anymore. Jesus bask me in your heavenly light. Come to my room as you are present everywhere. Come to me now. Envelope me in your light now and heal me. Be my surgeon. Amen

Submitted by Michael from OPELOUSAS on 07-29-2022

I am asking for prayers to blessing me and and asking for blessing for all my family and friends I ask to heal everyone that has cancer and that is all sick

Submitted by Betsy from AShland on 07-29-2022

Dear Friends, I am writing to you to ask that you be an Angel in human form as part of a healing vision for my daughter, Crystal Greene, who is very seriously ill with cancer, discovered shortly after her 40th birthday in mid-June. I AM ASKING YOU TO HOLD THE VISION OF CRYSTAL AS COMPLETELY WELL AND HEALTHY, RECOVERED FULLY FROM THIS DISEASE AND HAPPILY PLAYING WITH HER CHILDREN. Her hope lies in the effectiveness of the special chemotherapy she starts in a few days, so please ask/visualize

Submitted by Lisa from Richmond on 07-29-2022

Please pray for my daughter Braelynn and Derrick S to reconcile & build a healthy and loving relationship. I pray that he reaches out to her very soon to express his feelings. I also pray that they bring God into their relationship when they reconcile.

Submitted by Pedro from Dallas TX on 07-28-2022

Please pray for me for employment. my name is Pedro Silva

Submitted by Jari from Halmstad in western Sweden on 07-11-2022

My name is Jari Turunen and I am a 59 year old Finnish man, who lives in a town called Halmstad in western Sweden. I have no job, no money and I am sick. I pray for the removal of all blockages for money in all forms, wealth, prosperity, job offers, finding love, a healthier life. I pray for the removal of all black negative energy such as curses, woodoo, witchcraft, demonic spirits and so on from my entire life. Help me In the Holy name of Jesus Christ that I trust and The Holy Spirit. Amen

Submitted by Melanie from Van Wert on 07-09-2022

I pray that we see the perfection of ourselves and eachother and this is manifested through the power of love and light. To see the results and be perfect in Gods will. All in Gods Will.

Submitted by SHEILA from PIKESVILLE on 07-04-2022

Please pray that my niece wishes and all endeavor will come through. Please ask our Father to watch over my siblings and their children in each and every move they make. Need God's help with the health of my husband, my pooch and myself

Submitted by Li from Sabadell on 07-04-2022

Please help my mom overcome her health problems with her heart, kidneys and lungs so that she can be as healthy as she was a few years before she had to get admitted in the hospital.

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