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Submitted by Jamal from NY on 10-13-2020

Can you pray with me to get permanent custody of my son (7 year old) and my daughter (11 year old); because their mother’s (two different women) are teaching them evil things in life. I want to raise my kids in Jesus Christ and I’m praying for His divine grace (favor) to get permanent custody of my kids from their mother’s.

Submitted by Joseph from Stone Mountain on 10-10-2020

I am asking for prayer to help me determine what my life purpose is. What does God want from me

Submitted by James from Scottsdale on 10-09-2020

We ask for a miracle for our 10 year old daughter Alexandra, who won a battle with cancer when she was 2 but radiation treatment caused a tumor in her brain cavity and presented 7 years later. Our Warrior Princess has since undergone 2 neurosurgeries and 6 mos of chemo. She is scheduled for Proton Therapy as a final last resort treatment to save her life.

Submitted by Steven from Tucson on 10-08-2020

Please, let the lord into our hearts that we may allow our hearts into the lord. Please, shine the light of the loved on the darkness of the wicked and let them see again. Please, love most especially monsters that they may love most especially back. Thank you, God, for your mercy--For mercy lifts the fallen and the fallen lift mercy.

Submitted by Jacqueline from Baltimore on 10-06-2020

I stand in need of Supernatural Breakthroughs, Major Favor, a Sudden Positive Shift and a Sudden Positive Turn Around to Manifest for me (Jacqueline)

Submitted by Yancey from TOA ALTA on 09-30-2020

Prayer for all to come into love with one another in goodness that each living breath on earth be filled with love and help spread love to another

Submitted by Karin from Augusta on 09-29-2020

Please pray for my fiance to find a stable job and a visa so he can get out of where he is and have a better life, he's struggling and he wants to help his parents.  Please pray for me to stop getting emails from a scammer, it's stressful every time i noticed he has contacted me.

Submitted by Reina from Hong Kong on 09-26-2020

I pray for myself, all my wishes will be fulfilled, and most importantly, I can reconcile with my love, Ken. Dear God, please protect us from pain.

Submitted by Lucille from Los Angeles on 09-23-2020

I pray for the people of the world to see that we are all family, that we will get much further by our love and support of one another. I pray for the fear from all our hearts to vanish so that we may see clearly through Love's eyes. I pray for endless gardens in Los Angeles and free food for all.

Submitted by Joyce from Lake Forest Park on 09-15-2020

My prayer is for world healing and peace, that our planet and all people find harmony and peace, the all war ends, that climate change is completed, that all animals are safe and are not eaten anymore, that we as a people come together in one mind and spirit to create a new world that is free from hatred and strife and all peoples and animals live in harmony

Submitted by Michael from Chgambersburg on 09-13-2020

God to unite Emily and me as one permanently, healing, deliverance, courage for Emily to enter deep relationship with me, covering for us as one, In Jesus name amen.

Submitted by Karin from Augusta on 09-06-2020

please pray for me and my family to be safe, I've been getting death threats.

Submitted by Darra from Scottsdale on 08-29-2020

I pray for a supportive, encouraging, uplifting work environment, with a collegial, and cooperative Science department, a contributory, inspired, well lead college campus, and a sane, well managed, district that is focused on raising up the higher education communities and the students they serve.

Submitted by Monte from HAPPY VALLEY on 08-25-2020

God, I come before you Praying for Stephanie . I pray for an end to this horrible chapter opened by her ex. I pray that you send Anthony a magical solution, that forces Dave to do what he has agreed to do. I pray That you send a army of angels to put a burden on his heart and soul. We pray for quick closure and a fast solution that is in Stephanies favor.

Submitted by AprilI pray f from LANCASTER on 08-23-2020

I pray that i get my daughter and my son back...i pray for a special person to be in my life along with my kids...i pray for the lord to keep his wings and the angles wings safely over us all...i pray that my mother is at peace... alongside her identical well and to see them again...i pray for prediction, humbleness, faithfulness, kindness, wisdo

Submitted by Nora from Port Isabel on 08-18-2020

Dear Lord please bring healing to Nora Sanchez who is battling covid in the hospital. Lord stay her side and comfort her through this trying time. Keep us ever mindful of your loving presence bless us with your powerful healing and comfort us also. Amen.

Submitted by Clorisse from San Diego on 08-14-2020

Pray for the evil lying criminal slumlord Carlos Aispuro Senior to be humbled, punished and conquered for his illegal uninhabitable mobilehome housing crime's factually under investigation by the Environmental Health Department in California Amen.

Submitted by Vinayaka from Banglotr on 08-10-2020

hey god my mother is undergoing an serious operation . she is in having less strength and please dont make any harm to my mothers life . i want her to live with me untill i die

Submitted by Todd from Newland on 08-06-2020

I pray for courage at this time in my life. Satan is following me and I am a target for him to destroy. I pray for employment and a place to stay away from bad seed. I have bad seed all around me and my family are ignorant of the things of God. I pray my family would wake up to the reality of who Jesus Christ Michael is and we could love one another in peace

Submitted by Amanda from Groningen on 08-02-2020

IN THE WAITING: my husband (Karsten) was able to let his work, where he now works 10 years, know where his boundaries are and discussed his desire to get the approval to cut down the evening, stand by work night shifts and weekend working hours, because he only wants to continue to work there by doing normal office hours from 9 till 5 in the daytime from mo

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