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Submitted by Sujit from Bangalore on 01-12-2021

God please help Sujit kumar to pay all his loan amount. One of Sujit's friend has taken loan using his bank account.Now his friend is not agree to pay the amount. Please God give good thinking to his friend so that he will pay all the amount of Sujit and make him debt free.

Submitted by DENISE from BATON ROUGE on 01-08-2021

please pray that I get the $5000 for me a new vehicle and to move. I am trying to get my life back on track but having a hard time without finances. Please pray for me.

Submitted by Hanna from Tuxedo on 01-08-2021

Dear Universal Power of Love and Ascended Masters, I pray for my younger half-brother, Chris, whom I call Christopher, to find the strength and clarity within himself to cease his video game addiction and participate in the joys of Life. I pray for his ascension in this lifetime. Amen <3

Submitted by Kelly from Huntington Beach on 12-20-2020

That all loved ones be together no matter what restrictions the justice system has on them if they are pure of heart and have been treated unfairly because of social status judgment from our corrupt justice system and government !aka my future husband Carlos my twin flame and I have a mission to help the youth live longer lives together we can help the world

Submitted by Julija from London on 12-17-2020

dear Lord please stop pillar sanchez attacking me with black magic please

Submitted by Sujatha from Bangalore on 12-13-2020

am sujatha and am daughter of lord jesus christ as my lord my god has done lot of miracles in my life. But I am broken for one incident that took place in my life this year I arranged my daughters marriage who is 22years very talented and beautiful. But she had lot of issues in her life so we decide to get her married with a boy who is my close relative. He

Submitted by Christina from Los Angeles on 12-13-2020

Please agree in the miracle help I'm asking for 4 urgent situations I am experiencing. Please pray things quickly, easily resolve in a positive manner that still meets my needs. That I have wisdom to know the right things to do. And that I am blessed with a comforted heart, happiness, peace and prosperity throughout the entire process. Thank you.

Submitted by Beth from Acworth on 12-11-2020

Please pray that my marriage to Scott will be restored and that his heart will turn back to me and his family.

Submitted by Samuel from Stoffville on 12-11-2020

High I would like to request protection from samantha terry and her 3 friends, greg and bibi Ramlal, Kate pallorin and all there friends they tried to kill me several times, they've been trying since 2015. I wanna ask that they would fall into there own traps.

Submitted by Karin from Augusta on 12-06-2020

Please pray for me to stop getting threats by email, i'm really stressed about that

Submitted by CHARLY from SPRING on 12-05-2020

We need prayer request for our household, my mother’s boyfriend Reece Scott, every time when he drinks alcohol he starts disrespecting my mother and siblings with angry racist and offensive remarks. It has been going over a year, and we need prayer that he leaves or God change his heart. Thank you

Submitted by Karin from Augusta on 12-05-2020

Please pray for my fiance, he has corona virus and his senses of taste and smell are gone. I would really appreciate your prayers.

Submitted by Lily Catherine from Fairfield on 11-30-2020

That god stays close to me , that my soul ascends , that I can heal and stay in the light. That I have an opportunity to move to an environment that is health for me. For my daughter. That I did not suffer in vain but I am able to over come and transcend

Submitted by Alan from Sydney on 11-30-2020

I am asking humbly for your prayers. I am seeking new employment where i can be happy. Alan

Submitted by Errol from Amsterdam on 11-10-2020

It's my mom's birthday (10 November). However, she has been hospitalized. She was diagnosed with a gallbladder tumor last year. Symptoms are coming back. She also experiences stiffness throughout her whole body. Please pray for recovery and emotional/ spiritual support for Mrs Elma Alorro Dionela

Submitted by Mariyam from Berlin on 11-08-2020

Dear Sisters and brothers, i wish you are all happy and healthy. I am writing to kindly request you to include me in your prayers. I am looking and applying for a new job and it is so important that i find a good job as soon as possible. I am so grateful to you all. Many thanks and warm regards, Mariyam

Submitted by Nicole from Near Leesburg on 11-02-2020

Please pray and ask that my family and I will be guided to the right attorney that will take my medical case, one that has supporting experts who agree with my doctors and that my family will be supported financially through this transition time. In Jesus's name, Amen.

Submitted by Jamal from NY on 10-13-2020

Can you pray with me to get permanent custody of my son (7 year old) and my daughter (11 year old); because their mother’s (two different women) are teaching them evil things in life. I want to raise my kids in Jesus Christ and I’m praying for His divine grace (favor) to get permanent custody of my kids from their mother’s.

Submitted by Joseph from Stone Mountain on 10-10-2020

I am asking for prayer to help me determine what my life purpose is. What does God want from me

Submitted by James from Scottsdale on 10-09-2020

We ask for a miracle for our 10 year old daughter Alexandra, who won a battle with cancer when she was 2 but radiation treatment caused a tumor in her brain cavity and presented 7 years later. Our Warrior Princess has since undergone 2 neurosurgeries and 6 mos of chemo. She is scheduled for Proton Therapy as a final last resort treatment to save her life.

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