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Submitted by Yvonne from New York on 04-24-2022

I wish you can pray for my Heath please my name is Yvonne Holmes

Submitted by Denise from Largo on 04-23-2022

Please pray for my son Zac !!!! Missing him in heaven. God give strength to go on without him. He’s my whole world !!!

Submitted by Tina and mera from Balitomore on 04-23-2022

Please god bless my daughter with the job that she want we need you amen

Submitted by Michaelanne from Indiana on 04-22-2022

A lot is happening in my life. I know God doesnt give us more than what we can handle. But I\'m having really hard time handling everything right now. Please Lord be with me so I can get through this! I need you more than ever right now, please let me know you\'re with me

Submitted by Stefan from Hamburg on 04-20-2022

Health, protection and blessing for me and my family, to start a new good life in sweden.

Submitted by Roberta from LA on 04-20-2022

Praying for God’s guidance, protection and mercy as I start a new chapter with my family. Heavenly Father have mercy on me and guide me every step of the way. I ask for my children’s protection and that they would feel your covering.

Submitted by Ginetta from Toronto on 04-19-2022

Please pray for my shortness of breath & cough Amen

Submitted by Angela from Yadkinville on 04-18-2022

For my son to find God stop drinking alcohol and his health to get better so he can raise his kids

Submitted by Angela from Yadkinville on 04-18-2022

Healing for my mothers Latona Hartley’s congestive heart failure and my Rheumatoid Arthritis along with other auto immune disorders.

Submitted by Gina from Charlotte on 04-18-2022

I am battling Stage IV metastatic breast cancer and my recent scans show something \"concerning and suspicious \". I am praying for miraculous healing prayers that the cancer would leave my body and I would be healed.... please. Thank you.

Submitted by Cindy from Phoenix on 04-18-2022

Dear Lord please bring my girls together please change my daughters way of thinking she thinks by being mean and withholding things she’s doing her right and my granddaughter thinks by not coming by or calling she’s hurting her mother please change the way they think and stop them

Submitted by Trisha from Birmingham uk on 04-18-2022

Pray for peace in Ukraine

Submitted by Pamela from Royston on 04-18-2022

Please pray for complete healing over my daughter shanna minish that God heals her from her head to her feet in the precious blood of Jesus

Submitted by Maria from London on 04-16-2022

I need a pray for myself I going true bad time at present my mum she is not well. Also I cannot find peace in my house. Please

Submitted by Michael from Orlando on 04-15-2022

Hello, I need prayer for a financial miracle to happen in my life. I would like prayer for an abundant amount of favor and faithfulness to be given to me by God, and dear mercy because I\'ve made life-changing mistakes this year alone. God alone can allow me to survive this heartbreak.

Submitted by Sandra from Toronto on 04-15-2022

Prayer for health and healing, increased faith. Unity in my family. I really need prayer for health. I can barely eat anything. Many health problems and nausea anxiety ptsd depression. Please help us for peace

Submitted by Marie from Lutz Florida on 04-14-2022

please pray for healing of my body issues

Submitted by John from New London on 04-12-2022

Please pray my legs and knees stop hurting

Submitted by Betty from North Bergen on 04-11-2022

I’m having problems with the landlord because they’re trying to evict me, because they claim I owe back rent, but they have not given me a new lease in three years. I always pay my rent on the first of the month and I’m a 75 yr old senior citizen. Also, I need a financial breakthrough.

Submitted by Tina from Md on 04-11-2022

I bless that god. Will send me some body that love me and respect me

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