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Submitted by Tiffany from JACKSONVILLE on 07-19-2021

Please lift my family in prayer. My husband and I are are basically homeless right now and we have an 11 yr old and a baby on the way. Please lift us in prayer that we both get jobs and are able to get a place of our own and very soon!

Submitted by Israel from Dallas on 07-10-2021

Please help me pray 1. Exodus 23:25-26 No hypertension. No organ failures. 2. Genesis 15:15 3. My relocation to Los Angeles, CA. I plead the name and Blood of Jesus Christ. Amen. Calvary regards. Israel A. Adegbite (God's Steward)

Submitted by Alie from Philadelphia on 07-08-2021

I would like to have a prayer for the soul mind, and body I committed a lot of sins and went through some crazy obstacles I need guidance and help to transcend to serve only one god

Submitted by Donnie from Alma on 07-08-2021

Pray for my eye sight in both eyes to be healed. Pray for my my deafness in both ears Pray for my taste buds I can not taste food that much anymore

Submitted by Gurinder from Ilford on 07-02-2021

Please can you pray for my son to get employment and go on the right path,he his struggling to get employment please pray for him.Thank you

Submitted by Chrissy from Australia on 06-29-2021

Please pray for my transfer to come through quickly please to a new work area which is a lovely area to escape the bullying. Lord please let me get a good news phone call ASAP. Have had to endure a great deal of bullying. Please give me some peace by letting me know this transfer is not far away. I know and believe it is happening as manager said takes a few

Submitted by Ruth from Boston on 06-20-2021

Prayer request; God to grant a miracle of job provision tomorrow. Financial miracle Mortgage closing favor. Amen

Submitted by Natalya from Oregon city on 06-17-2021

Please pray for my dear friend Nick he is in ICU after receiving the second covid vaccine his organs are failing for God to heal him completely and show Mercy on him and show Nick that he exists if it's his time to die to give him the mercy of forgiveness and accept Jesus Christ as his savior

Submitted by Dhammalapati from Bangalore on 06-13-2021

Praise the Lord. I am always thankful to God. With faith in you.. I am praying for My Mother Dammalapati Swaroopa Rani d/o Bezawada barathamma.. tested positive in Corona. She is heart patient. And she not well. Please touch her.. remove all the illnesses. Please safeguard her . I really need her in my life.Father I believe & pray in the name of Jesus

Submitted by Curtis from Vancouver on 06-11-2021

I am asking for prayer for a friend jesse james doty to walk again. He has the canes and is ready to get out of his wheelchair. He just needs prayer. Please say a prayer for him and together we can make him walk again with the power of jesus.

Submitted by Varalakshmi from Bangalore on 06-11-2021

Dear, Brother/Sister Kindly pray for my Sister Indrani She is in very bad depression of her married life marriage done in june 13the 2019 just 2 years going to be she was only happy for 3months.Husband mother-in-law Mrs Lalitha Brother-in law Mr Karthik Sister-in-law Jayanthi hating her.started giving trouble to her.

Submitted by Jessica from Philadelphia on 06-10-2021

Please pray for me.... I’m asking the Lord for direction, (I want to move to the South and buy a House for the first time), I am in need of Direction, Provisions.... I’m asking God to bless me with true friends and a church family/home as well. I’m also never been married but desire to. Im 45yrs old. Thank you

Submitted by Dr Olav from Mumbai on 06-07-2021

For restoration of sight in my left eye and removal of kidney stones. Protect my right eye

Submitted by Glo from Locust Grove on 06-06-2021

Lord Jesus please deliver and set Nyree free completely from all addictions, and legal matters, Lord guide and direct her to Bible believing , spirit fill church, and encourage Nyree to want to go to church, and read your word., bring strong christian friends into her life to encourage her to commit to serve you Lord Jesus..and to focus on you in Jesu

Submitted by Natking from San Antonio on 06-02-2021

please pray for brenda who has been diagnosed with Covid and doctors are planning to intubate her

Submitted by Layra from Phoenix on 06-02-2021

Please pray for my husband right now he is struggling with depression so bad. That he said that he is tired of his body. I have feeling that he is thinking suicide though. Please he mentioned me that he is hearing the enemy whisper him. He wanted it change but he doesn't know. He is praying to Lord Jesus christ to help him because right now he is strugglin

Submitted by Annette from Acworth on 06-01-2021

i have lost the fire for God and want it back. i just fell off for a while but have got my self back to normal and want to praise my husband and God. please pray for me to receive the holy spirit again

Submitted by PERSEPHONE from Chelan on 05-31-2021

I ask for other to pray for me for guidance, strength, and for the ability to overcome self doubt and uncertainty so that I may begin to once and for all truly walk in my spirits calling and life path set out for me before my conception. While every soul and being has their own gift(s), truth(s), idea(s) and experiences- and have a purpose if they choose

Submitted by Kas from Milton on 05-29-2021

Please kindly pray for my 73 year old dad who has fever and UTI and prostrate issues. Please pray that God heals him ASAP without any operaion and he feels better asap. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Submitted by Priscilla from Colorado springs on 05-29-2021

I ask that my marriage be restored and my husband call me and come home

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