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Submitted by Aisha from Brooklyn on 07-31-2020

I am going through a financial situation I applied for unemployment I’m still waiting to get reviewed for 4 weeks now. I have work once or twice a week but praying for my unemployment to get through and for me to get work fulltime. I pray that who ever is viewing my claims take their time ,I get accepted for the unemployment. I also hope to get fulltime work

Submitted by Needy from Jenks on 07-27-2020

Please kindly pray for my lower back pain. Thank you.

Submitted by Lori from Meridian on 07-22-2020

Please help pray for me to come into money to pay all my debt to collectors and to those I owe all totalling $110k that includes 75k in student loans 20k i owe to someone and rest is mostly medical collections. I can't pay any of this back on my own with my income, i do try and make payments but its not seeming to help. Forgive me my sins.

Submitted by Tracey from Merrillville on 07-18-2020

Pray that my fiancee, David Mackey of 15 years will cry out to God for his own deliverance, repent, and be saved from drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol.

Submitted by Karin from Evans on 07-09-2020

please pray for me to get good news about my final exam results for school, I really need to pass it. I would really appreciate your prayers.

Submitted by Wayne from San Francisco on 07-07-2020

Please pray for me to change my ways and be more responsible in how I handle my finances. I spend foolishly and I need to learn and discipline myself to have a plan to save for the long run. Please pray for me.

Submitted by Teresa from Frederick on 06-30-2020

Lord, if it is your will somehow some way we will get the money to buy a home. I pray daily as I am not sure what direction you want me to go in and am listening for your voice. My mother in law is now in a nursing home and is there because the son she lived with says he is moving to Kentucky. Lord, she isn't getting the help she needs there and right now

Submitted by Pastor Davis Ochieno Juma from Budalang’i on 06-16-2020

As a result of heavy rains, River Nzioa broke its banks and over 100,000 families have been displaced. Hundreds have lost their lives. Many people are at risk of pneumonia. Emaciated, naked, and hungry children suffer. Children are shaking with high fever not because of Covid-19 but because of Malaria. It is awful. Thank you for your prayers.

Submitted by Jamal from NY on 06-16-2020

Pray for Khadijah Harden that God will expose all the lies and bring everything out of darkness in this relationship into the light because Satan put this relationship together and this is the trick of the enemy (decree and declare this in Jesus name, Amen). Please pray for Khadijah Harden because she's in the wrong relationship with the wrong man right no

Submitted by Renee from Cincinnati on 06-14-2020

Can u please pray for me and my success with my talent and my friends that i love to encourage me and eachother

Submitted by Daniel from Manteca on 06-11-2020

Please pray for me and my family. I have again fallen into the depths of Pornography/idolatry and could quite possibly lose my marriage and family because of it. I have struggled with this addiction for decades, but have not taken it seriously as I wanted to believe it was normal and not an issue.

Submitted by Freddy from Kalibo on 06-09-2020

God, I pray for a successful operation of my mom and speedy and full recovery as well. Amen

Submitted by Rohan from Bangalore on 06-09-2020

hi pls pray for me for inner healing/emotional from right from the womb of my mother till now and from 2013-2018/19/20 i had a lot of trauma depression etc besides sexual abuse and physical abuse pls pray forme feeling low self esteem inferiority complex etchi pls pray for me for inner healing/emotional from right from the womb of my mother till now and

Submitted by Julie from Scottsdale on 06-08-2020

I ask for divine guidance to proceed with the Non-Profit mission I will initiate to help our foster youth. I will be building self-sufficient entrepreneurial ranches outside of the city. I would like to ask for assistance to obtain the land in the right place draw to me the right people to work alongside me, and the strength to complete the mission.

Submitted by P from Greensboro on 06-07-2020

Prayer for world healing from all these viciousness to our fellow man we ask for peace.i ask for a new awakening and blessings for me and my family.for finances health and protection, also for healing and coming together as a family with love and peace.there is a special healing and blessing and a restoration that I am praying about and I am giving it to God

Submitted by Julia from Vancouver on 06-06-2020

Dear brother/sister, this is Julia Romanihina reaching out ... I am a 39 year old single mother and need your prayers to help me find a job ... I am searching day and night and so far had only one interview scheduled in last two weeks ... I will be unable to pay my rent soon if I don't find something ... thank you and Lord bless you!

Submitted by Blessed from USA on 05-13-2020

i believe i will be great designer. My disability myopia and other disability will be gone, I will do exceedingly great designs and flourish all the way. In Jesus name. amen. None of his good word becomes void. I receive the fulfillment of great designer and no king like me and other good promises to be fulfilled in my life. In Jesus name. amen.

Submitted by Gordon Deane from Port Credit on 05-10-2020

My prayer is for a sense of contentment, joy and inner peace. I have been in a state of restlessness for many years now. I have asked for the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to convey to my Father God exactly what my ask is because I don’t know exactly how to do this. I have been feeling a bit lost. Gordon Deane

Submitted by Priyanka Hb from Virginia on 05-09-2020

Dear brother,my cousin Ambareesh Kumar is in USA ,please pray for the continuation of his job as he is in trouble now and also for his safety against virus,we are in need please help us through Jesus.

Submitted by Rayna Davis from South Carolina on 05-09-2020

Please pray that I will be successful, that I grow closer to God & pray for my relationship, that me & my partner get back together on good terms! That the relationship won’t be toxic & 100% healthy.

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