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Submitted by Dani from Houston on 10-18-2021

Pray that I come into a huge sum of money so I can pay off all my debt and children's debt. That I start writing and it flows easily and people really like what I write about. Happy joyous lovely blessed life for my children. Thank you

Submitted by Heidi from Seattle on 10-17-2021

Dear god Please help me get a job asap i lost it due to covid been unemployed for over year in a half i need job asap. Also lord help me get unemployment I need it ASAP Heidi

Submitted by Ashton from Alexandria on 10-17-2021

Dear God thank you for life on earth and thank you for protecting all of us here.I love you and thank you for everything I have went through and will go through in Jesus name I pray Amen

Submitted by Winona from Glenshaw on 10-15-2021

Hi. Dealing with health issues for a while.. now anxiety, depression & insomnia. Have a small son to take care of and in fear. Thank u

Submitted by Tanya from Christchurch on 10-14-2021

Please, pray for me and my family- we all are sick, unable work, thank you!

Submitted by Bird 11:11 from Born pdx live in hawaii on 10-14-2021

Dear lord I pray for nothing in my corner but to give me any and all Hardships and or negative that you know I am able to do or take off others shoulders and put onto my own. Use me to help others I am able to help that are praying to you for help. I pray that all my skills be used at highest level possible against all evil and as a aid to help ones in need

Submitted by William from Chirstchurch on 10-01-2021

Dear God. I'm being manipulated against insulted and put down at work. I ask for help God. I ask the bad treatment to stop and ask for a pay rise and promotion. Please God raise me up and come help me.

Submitted by Diana from Billstedt on 09-20-2021

I want God to forgive all my sins and help me with my life cause I am confuse. I wan him to help my brother achieve his dream.

Submitted by Judith B from Islandia on 09-16-2021

Reveal the truth of Christ Michael and the Paradise Father to the Kraeger family of Ozark, Alabama. Relieve the suffering of Nick Granger, Sandy Kraeger's husband and father of their two young children. Nick has pancreatic cancer and has to have more treatments now. May he be healed and may the family be awakened to the reality of God's presence and power

Submitted by DANA from TORONTO on 08-14-2021

I am making a prayer request for me and my family to be protected/delivered from demonic attachments, surveillance/stalking/hacking of devices and accounts and satanic concentration. We need a safe home.

Submitted by Mary from NY on 08-09-2021

Pls. pray for Joanne and her daughter Dana who have cancer and for all afflicted with this disease. Also for a total end to covid and for protection for all from it.

Submitted by LINSRENEE from SENECA on 08-09-2021

i have to take the COVID vaccine today or LOSE MY JOB.... please pray that I dont get sick or die from taking the vaccination today. this is for real, there are people dying from taking these COVID vaccines.. please pray that GOD would protect me from all harm for the next 30 days.......... THANK YOU

Submitted by Austein from Tumacacori on 08-03-2021

This prayer is for Austein's mother Tracie who is facing very serious health issues, including a life-threatening infection that is hopefully now cleared up. She recently experienced a renewal of health but just days ago took a serious downturn. She is optimistic but challenged. We pray for his father too & that they both have the courage to hear God's will.

Submitted by David from Mary Esther on 08-02-2021

I need a healing for my gout I used to jog but I have a bad limp for the past year and my blood pressure is so high they wanted to put me in the hospital I have never experienced any of this before I need my lord Jesus to heal my body I need to hear from heaven I need a miracle from our lord and savior pray for me that this is so in Jesus name !!!

Submitted by Kyle from Moss Point on 08-01-2021

I am a 27 year old single man struggling to make ends meet for the past year. Within the next week I will be facing a situation that I am terrified to confront. Broke, homeless and jobless. Loosing the roof over my head. No friend or family to turn to and utterly alone. I'm trying to hold onto faith that no matter what happens God will provide. Pray for me.

Submitted by Fatuma from Milwaukee on 07-30-2021

My name is Fatuma Adam, I live here in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I worked as a nurse at Froedtert Hospital and Waukesha memorial Hospital. I have been threaten by people here in Milwaukee. When I had my daughter Zahra Adam in 2019, I noticed negative energy towards me from people around here . Apparently there is a rumor among the Caucasian community that I was s

Submitted by Munawar from Jhelum on 07-26-2021

Good day to you all, my name is Munawar James I belong with a Christian family and I am from Pakistan, please do Prayer for poverty and bad financial circumstance of my family, that Jesus Christ do a Great Miracle for me today and the bonds of poverty break out from my family, because by the poverty and badly financial crises we are to feel very shame in ou

Submitted by Yubraj paija from Victoria on 07-24-2021

Well iam an asylum seeker in protection visa in Australia Melbourne with no income no work rights no health card at the moment iam suffering from Diabetes 2 high blood pressure and nose block which i can't sleep at night at the moment i have abdomen hernia alots of immigration challenges which is really hard for me iam dying day by please pray for my healt

Submitted by Tiffany from JACKSONVILLE on 07-19-2021

Please lift my family in prayer. My husband and I are are basically homeless right now and we have an 11 yr old and a baby on the way. Please lift us in prayer that we both get jobs and are able to get a place of our own and very soon!

Submitted by Israel from Dallas on 07-10-2021

Please help me pray 1. Exodus 23:25-26 No hypertension. No organ failures. 2. Genesis 15:15 3. My relocation to Los Angeles, CA. I plead the name and Blood of Jesus Christ. Amen. Calvary regards. Israel A. Adegbite (God's Steward)

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