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Submitted by Andrew Cohen from Jinja on 02-29-2024

Pray for my Project FER Integrated Community SchooL for financial help. number of children and women seeking assistance from us is growing rampantly but the organization does not have adequate resources to meet the growing demand.Therefore, the children welfare department supports many children and women through formal education and vocational training while using less resources in the long run as we deal priotise the study of the FER.I need 3000$ to establish a project that can sustain school.

Submitted by NiCieen from Rio Rico on 07-12-2023

Please pray for God's will for my brother, Joel Mathieson, who is homeless in New York City, and was injured and is in intensive care.

Submitted by William from Sacramento on 07-06-2023

Please pray for my wife Linda, she has stage four cancer in her lungs, small intestines and liver, let the good lord touch her and heal her of this cancer, In the name of Jesus, I pray, Amen

Submitted by Linda from Newfoundland on 04-20-2023

please pray for my niece Krista who has taken a overdose of drugs and coded tonight and is in a coma. She is only 38 years old and needs much prayer tonight she has two small children and pray also for her mom Diane please and thanks all prayers tonight would be appreciated

Submitted by Phillip from Lebanon on 04-16-2023

I need prayers for protection for my daughters Kelly and Kimberly my grandson's Cameron Dakota Elijah wife Denise son in law Tim me Phillip Bartley

Submitted by Michael from Colorado on 04-15-2023

I lost my job a few weeks ago, we have been stressed about money/insurance and food, I have a family of 5 I have to provide for, please help me through these tough times and assist me in bettering myself and obtaining the job I test for as a firefighter in a few weeks. Please keep positive thoughts and prayers for me and my family through this difficult time.

Submitted by Sashel from Etobicoke on 04-14-2023

Please pray for my Son Jaylin Bryan. Pray that God will separate him from his current friends, and send him Godly friends. Pray for salvation and also that God will keep him out of trouble and protect him from all harm and danger. Additionally Pray that he will his heart to the Lord .

Submitted by Lori from Montgomery on 04-14-2023

Hello brothers and sisters I am Lori I am a reborn Christan and I need prayer because I have been going through a rough time I have a job that is really hard and others are not treading me fairly also I have been through a lot of childhood trauma and I need prayer for my mom also thank you for your support and please keep spreading the gospel of God Thank you

Submitted by Jessica from Laurel on 04-12-2023

Dear God, I recently received results from a test that I have no ideal how they got into my system. I tested positive for Codeine and I have not taking anything with Codeine that I am aware of. I took another test Monday April 10th my results should be back by Friday April 14th. Please God don't allow any Codeine or anything else I am not aware of to be in my system. This I ask in Jesus's Precious name Amen.

Submitted by Jackie from Orlando on 04-12-2023

Hello. My name is Jackie Hardison, Please pray for me today as I go for a breast MRI later today. Praying that all is well within my body and that all fear and worry go away. Thank you

Submitted by Shari from La Crescenta on 04-10-2023

Please pray my sister heals her mind and body and spirit Amen. Please put the spirit of forgiveness inside of her. Amen.

Submitted by Antionette from Hampton va on 04-10-2023

I am in grief I lost my kids father's with in 3 years to death I have no support I'm keeping faith in my higher power I have cps in my life and it's overwhelming me I'm trying to stay strong I have court July 25 I have trouble with the wrong people toxic and I just want to break free I have 5 kids two grandkids I'm staying clean for as detox it's just things are getting the best of me I'm praying more stating encouraged my kids my family all I have just need a career and a 4 bedroom I'm justdra

Submitted by Donna from Jordan on 04-10-2023

Please please please pray for me om ready to give up life is to much for me to take any more God knows my prayers please pray for me

Submitted by Cindy from Union on 04-09-2023

Pray for my grandson that is addictive to pills. That he will get the help he needs. Pray he will be ok tonight he want go to hospital..please pray for him

Submitted by Robyn from Republic on 04-09-2023

Lord spare me and strengthen my heart. I'm only 47 with heart failure died a year ago from heart attack n the sensation feels it's back. Please father heal my broken heart. I'm not ready to go n my boy already lost his dad don't take me too.

Submitted by Pam from Walker on 04-09-2023

Hi my name is Pam can you please pray for me. I been going through allot of trauma and losses, depression and a legal issue. Needing prayers for a breakthrough miracle in my situation.

Submitted by Cheung from Hong Kong on 04-04-2023

Dear Jesus,  please help heal my mom, because her lower torso is pain and heal her bone fracture from both palms  feet, and osteoporosis  ,please heal her and every unknown issue are included ,  please pray that Jesus Christ will continue to watch over my mother. let me have a own business urgent  and have good sleep , don't delay before on duty and make sure have enough energy on duty ,also please drive away ghosts from my house, pray in the name of Jesus, Amen

Submitted by Monica from LAE on 04-04-2023

Please pray for my son Elizah, his wife wife Natasha, their children Shaun, Sheryl and Jnr Elizah Umpa be saved and to come to Jesus. Pray also that their father Elizah quit alcohol completely. Thank you so much. Monica Umpa PAPUA NEW GUINEA

Submitted by Zandra from Port Elizabeth on 04-04-2023

My son's wife, Anthea Watson, dying from cancer. God's precious will for her and Dion.

Submitted by Nosipho from Johannesburg on 04-03-2023

Dear God I thank you for giving me another day and thank you for giving me strength in difficult times. I come before you to ask that you protect my family from sicknesses and everything that can impact their lives negatively. you know my husband just lost his job, can you please help him find another job, this time has been difficult on us both but please always give me courage to support him. Dear Father I turn to you seeking guidance and divine help as I assist my husband to find suitable job

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