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Submitted by Callie Jo from Rozet on 04-19-2021

May I please receive prayers for a miracle, strength, justice and protection, falsely accused, facing a death sentence

Submitted by Vincent from CITRUS HEIGHTS on 04-15-2021

I need miracle healing from physical attacks on my body. I live in sacramento California and I am being attacked daily by people in this area and by law enforcement. They have used chemicals to harm my body. Thank you for your prayers.

Submitted by Sathya from Bangalore on 04-14-2021

Praise the Lord, Kindly pray for me as God has shown grace on me and my wife where he saved our job and currently given me higher position. Currently I am trying my best to build process but there are challenges. Kindly pray for me that God gives me guidance, wisdom and strength to complete it.

Submitted by Daniel from Tampa on 04-14-2021

please pray for my health and a finances i need a miracle thank you and god bless daniel

Submitted by Corine from Berlin on 04-13-2021

Hello, My aunt Noubissie Germaine is seriouly seek and she is in the Hospital right now. I want you to Joint me in prayer that she may know Jesus Christ in this Moment as Lord and Savior. I plead you pray for her recovery and Healing from gastric ulcer. thank you so much

Submitted by Dervla from Limerick on 04-11-2021

Dearest people, could you please pray i get a bed in Saint John of God hospital this week? I am severely mental ill and am self harming. I really want to commit suicide. I need help.

Submitted by David from Bangalore on 04-08-2021

Dear Vinay, Need Urgent prayer Requests for following people, all are from our family. please please pray for Christ Healing piwer from high fever. we need miracle. all of suffering, we know Christ will do his miracle.Thank you. 1) John 2) Paul 3) David 4) Sherly 5) Prathiba 6) Elizabeth 7) Darren 8) Padma 9) Marc

Submitted by Denise from Mother is in Santa Ana, Ca on 04-02-2021

I would like to pray that God Blesses my mother (Jewell Scott) with the best recovery in Physical therapy at the Advanced Rehab Center of Tustin. She needs to recover more from her stroke in Dec, so that she can live back in an Assisted Living and be independent again. God please restore her mind from Dementia and Bipolar. In Jesus name I pray Amen.

Submitted by Freddy from Kalibo on 04-02-2021

My aunt Rosa lies in the hospital. She is in critical condition. I pray for a successful recovery.

Submitted by Angela from Nixa on 03-30-2021

Prayers for a miracle, protection from heavier doses of chemo, good news, and to uplift my son in law, Joshua dale Watson’s mood and health... josh is fighting brain cancer tumor. He is a husband and has four small children. Josh is 38 years old and has just found out that his mom has stage 3 ovarian cancer.

Submitted by Chanjot from London on 03-25-2021

Dear Jesus, I pray to you to save my future mother in law quammar shahid life. She is in the icu and very critical, she has the cornovirus and very critical, I pray for her healing and for her to get stronger I ask you Jesus please give her strength and wisdom to help her get through this I pray for a miracle let your will be done on quammar shahid

Submitted by Prabhat from Bangalore on 03-24-2021

Oh Lord Please bless me with an Job , I have bee out of Job for more than a year Please bless me

Submitted by Ren from Los Angeles on 03-19-2021

Please pray, I just filed something in the court that would be a big relief off my shoulders. It is to get my name off of a list. I had a discrimination case up on the Internet for years because I was a woman and 3 men ruined my job (this was years ago), and they placed me on a list of litigants who can't file or are not allowed to anymore. It was 14 years a

Submitted by Mary Ann from Shelton on 03-19-2021

my husband who has MS has been in ICU for 7 weeks hooked to a vent and in a coma still testing positive for Covid

Submitted by Flossy from Ham lake on 03-17-2021

Please pray God would intervene quickly and help me recieve a breakthrough in my life. Please pray God would give me a heart of flesh in place of my hard heart and that He would change me to be who He wants me to be. Please pray that God helps me fully surrender into His unconditional love and grace and that He helps me to be able to recieve it.

Submitted by Raksmey from Westminster on 03-14-2021

I ask if you can help pray for my relationship that is currently broken. It is in need of healing and reconciliation. I love my wife from the bottom of my heart but we have made mistakes that lead us to where we are. I pray the man she is committing adultery with be removed from our life and cleanse her of this sin. I ask if she give me one more try.

Submitted by Irina from Sacramentov on 03-13-2021

I have a son Vlad he is 20 years old.I just find out this week that he likes boys and he is thinking it is ok I'm Christian he grows up in a Christian family we have been going to church since he was a little boy my heart is broken I try to talk to him but he doesn't want to listen Please pray for him for his release from that bondage thank you God bless .

Submitted by Chris from Cardiff on 03-13-2021

To give people freedom from tyranny and reveal the truth to the world.

Submitted by Annika from Mattapan on 03-12-2021

My mother had a stroke 3 weeks ago and is at home recovering, she is unable to walk and there is limited movement on the left side of her body. I heard that she might have been exposed to Covid-19. There is no symptom but we are worried because her immune system is already compromised. Please pray that she recovers from this

Submitted by Sam from Cameron Park on 03-12-2021

Divine Creator, Please remove the cancer from my Sister, Carolynn Becker, and let it never return. Please remove all disease and pain from her body, mind, and spirit, and allow her to live a long, disease free, pain free life moving forward. Thank you, Amen

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