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Innate within all mortals is a desire to connect and communicate with the unseen spirit world. Ascension Science principles presented in Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation (CFER) help us bridge the gap to dimensions beyond the perceptual range of our physical senses. CFER expands our understanding and conceptualization of the divine spiritual circuitry from the Paradise Trinity to which we can all connect and develop an individual personalized relationship with the Universal Father. The function of this circuitry is manifold and we will be learning to utilize and fine tune our connection to the various circuits throughout our spiritual ascension to Paradise.

Introducing The Language of The Fifth World

COMMON or 3rd Dimensional Term

  • Channel

4th Dimensional Term

  • Audio Fusion Material Complement

Higher Terminology from Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation:

Audio Fusion Material Complement — A Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation term describing a fusion between a celestial being and a mortal, a fusion of one entity with another in the complete aonic-to-cellular reality of the lower being. The fusion takes place within the life force, and the existing soul does not leave. It is a gradual process over many years, and the higher the virtue of the chosen vessel, the higher the fusion, the higher the being, and the higher the level of revelation that can be brought through. Van of Urantia is the only Audio Fusion Material Complement on Urantia.

Channeling and Interdimensional / Interplanetary Communication

There is a lot of interest in “channeling” and communicating with “spirit guides” and a plethora of information that can lead many astray in their ascension process. This is because of the presence of fallen midwayers, angels, and other celestial beings who, since the onset of the Lucifer Rebellion, have been promulgating false, deceptive, and rebellious concepts intended to lead souls away from God the Father, the First Source and Center.

There are numerous ways that beings of higher dimensions communicate with mortals, all too much to present here and CFER goes into more detail about these various communication methods.

The URANTIA Book relates the history of “the fall” of our planet and provides the background narrative to understand the current state of confusion on earth/Urantia. Simply stated, there are good guys and bad guys—beings of the light and beings of the dark forces. During this time of planetary Adjudication of the Bright and Morning Star vs. Lucifer, both sides are actively working to communicate with humanity. 

It can be difficult for a person who has heard voices and had very real contact experiences with entities of other dimensions to distinguish false concepts and relative truth from absolute truth. When we are not honest with ourselves and do not assess our underlying ego-driven motives from the spiritually-based motives of our higher selves, we become prey to fallen beings who stroke our egos, spin conspiracy theories, and talk about love, healing, helping humanity, ascension, building one’s light body, and all kinds of other fascinating topics. These beings are sophisticated and use just enough truth to appeal and sell their messages of self-assertion and unbridled liberty, but their underlying motives are to keep humanity divided and off the Tao.

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How do you know the difference?

The Spirit of Truth has been available to humanity since Pentecost to help discern and guide us into absolute truth. Pray to activate the Spirit of Truth, and pray to continue to strengthen and cultivate that activation.

There is only one Audio Fusion Material Complement on Urantia

In 1989 the Audio Fusion process was established with Van of Urantia and since 1989 no beings of the light have spoken directly through any other human vessel.

Van of Urantia is the only Audio Fusion Material Complement on earth/Urantia and this is an important aspect of the Mandate of the Bright and Morning Star which he co-shares with Niánn Emerson Chase.

Van of Urantia in 1989 before (left) and after (right) having fused with the Bright and Morning Star of Salvington for the first time.

"The highest form of interplanetary and interdimensional communication is the Audio Fusion Material Complement. This procedure has to do with universe supervisors’ administrative decisions, repersonalizations, mandates, and cosmic family regathering."

— The Cosmic Family, Volume 1 - Paper 209

Interdimensional Communication Throughout Urantia’s History

While “channeling” is a form of interdimensional communication where a being of another dimensional reality communicates through a human personality, there is no fusion of life force and it is a lower level of communication. Throughout the eons many fallen entities have spoken to humans as exhibited within the spiritualism and mediumship movements.

This is not to say that all information that has come through “channels” of the past is devoid of truth. Celestial Overcontrol has used a variety of communication methods with many human contacts throughout history who have played a vital role in the spiritual development of this planet.

Paper 209 of The Cosmic Family, Volume 1 offers a cosmic perspective and differentiation of the various terminologies and understandings of interplanetary and interdimensional communications.

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