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What does the Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation have to say about starseed, indigo children & the Pleiades?

If you have a sense and inner knowingness of having lived before, are drawn to other cultures and eras of the past, or feel like a stranger in a strange land, you are likely a starseed with a “point of origin” from another planet in another universe.

Introducing The Language of The Fifth World

COMMON or 3rd Dimensional Term

  • Indigo child or person
  • Pleiades
  • Pleiadean
  • Earth
  • Reincarnation

4th Dimensional Term

  • Starseed
  • Universe of Avalon
  • Avalonian
  • Urantia
  • Repersonalization

In The Cosmic Family volumes of the Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation (which are the continuing papers of The URANTIA Book, the Fifth Epochal Revelation), the glossary definition of starseed states:

Higher Terminology from Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation:

starseed — A term generally used on Urantia [earth] to designate mortals originally from another universe, born of human parents through the repersonalization technique. There are seven orders of starseed. Much of the understanding of starseed in New-Age circles — in relation to walk-ins, soul transference, space visitors, etc. who are presently on Urantia referred to as starseed — is Caligastia's confusion.

See Paper D of The Cosmic Family, Volume 1

The Cosmic Family volumes offer the most advanced revelation on indigo children and the destiny purpose of the more than 700 million starseed souls now resident on the planet including the 144,000 Destiny Reservists. We highly recommend the reading of this material to discover cosmic teachings that call your soul to attention and action!

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How to know if you are experiencing a starseed awakening

Starseed may spend most or all of their current lifetime unaware that they are a starseed. Spiritual elders and significant experiences (especially those that occur as a result of a faith walk) are the most common ways of discovering oneself as a starseed. When someone goes through the experience of realizing their soul originates from a different universe in time and space, it is often referred to as a starseed awakening.

How to tell if you or your child is a starseed/indigo child

Dr. Len'Mana Lee, curriculum developer for the Global Schools for Starseed and Urantian Children and Teens, has worked professionally as an educator for more than 4 decades and has had extensive experience teaching many orders of starseed. According to Dr. Lee, starseed (or indigo) children, often have one or more of the following behavioral traits:

  • Tend to stagnate or become disruptive in the typical classroom setting if not motivated or creatively engaged in their learning process.
  • Are outspoken and may get bored easily.
  • Often get labeled "learning disabled" and/or get put on drugs like Ritalin for being hyperactive (ADHD).
  • Tend to venture into illegal drugs, or drop out altogether because of their soul's need for different experiences and forms of education.

The Global Schools for Starseed and Urantian Children and Teens, founded by Gabriel of Urantia and Niánn Emerson Chase are the highest schools on the planet for teaching and training starseed children.

Confirmation of Starseed Past Lives

Gabriel of Urantia is the only soul on Urantia who is mandated by Celestial Overcontrol to confirm past life and point of origin information via a personal transmission. If you are interested in further information, please contact the main office of Global Community Communications Alliance at 520-603-9932.

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