Global Mission Statement

Global Community Communications Alliance is a prototype of spiritualized culture, a Divine Administration as reflected from the Grand Universe and implemented in a cross-cultural model for higher civilization on Earth.


The administration of new spiritual concepts takes place at Global Community Communications Alliance through our various outreach programs and ministries. Our strength does not rely on any kind of weapons or force of arms, but consists of spiritual ascending sons and daughters who manifest the fruits of the spirit of God and endeavor to bring justice and actualization to all of the people of the planet.

The people of this planet who have been able to acquire education and develop their talents are called upon to use those talents and abilities for higher purposes following spiritual principles for twenty-first-century management, as opposed to perpetuating a system that does not work and is prejudiced against minorities or those of lesser opportunity.

Eventually, at some point in the planet's future, the monetary system as we know it will cease to exist, and we will learn to see each other and our worth in a higher light. The wealth or possessions of a person, as well as the world's views of success, will change. Every citizen of the planet will be provided with free medical care and education and will have equal opportunity to fulfill their unique and individual destiny.

True leadership will provide for our essentials. People will know that love is a word of action and should not be used as a catch word to represent spirituality. All-encompassing unity cannot come by simply saying, "We are all brothers and sisters," and then going on in our own narrow-minded views of reality. God expects people to be willing to make tremendous changes in their lives.

We are bringing understanding to the people of this planet that revelation from God comes in various epochal dispensations. On Earth there have been four prior epochal dispensations, and the fifth is in process. The URANTIA Book is the first one-tenth of the Fifth Epochal Revelation, and The Cosmic Family Volumes are the Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation.

"The pouring out of the Spirit of Truth provides the spiritual foundation for the realization of great achievements in the interests of the human race of the bestowal world. Urantia [Earth] is therefore far better prepared for the more immediate realization of a planetary government with its laws, mechanisms, symbols, conventions, and language—all of which could contribute so mightily to the establishment of world-wide peace under law and could lead to the sometime dawning of a real age of spiritual striving; and such an age is the planetary threshold to the utopian ages of light and life."
(The URANTIA Book, p. 820:03)

A personal relationship with and an understanding of the Universal Father is the beginning of an eternal path to Paradise for all freewill beings. A personal relationship with and an understanding of the Local Universe Creator Son, Christ Michael, is the most expedient and accelerated path to destiny fulfillment in one's calling pertinent to that particular lifetime as well as manifesting what one needs to meet that destiny.

God's perfect will must be each person's goal, as well as an expanded understanding of the Creator's Master Universe. The laws within our universe can be understood through continued revelation and concepts for unity in the new millennium. We all long for a new millennium, the first stage of light and life on our planet, an order of cooperation and common understanding of God and the cosmology of the Master Universe.

We seek an expanded understanding of true spiritual leadership and hierarchy as represented in mortals on any particular planet, and an understanding that some souls are older than others and are better qualified for leadership of all of the people of the planet where interuniversal realities exist, such as on earth.

As all of the problems of this earth cannot be written in any one proclamation or new declaration of independence; peaceful solutions happen by truly seeking cooperation, dialogue, and humility.

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the church shall be to bring about the realization of the Fatherhood of God and the sonship and daughtership and consequent brotherhood and sisterhood of all men and women, which is personally realized in loving ministry and social service within a sustainable society.

This purpose shall be implemented through the church objectives as follows:

  1. to conduct worship services and carry out the sacerdotal functions of the church;
  2. to establish, organize, and support a religious order of committed believers;
  3. to implement Divine Administration on a human level;
  4. to establish and support human-rights advocate training, classes, seminars, and educational programs for all ages locally and globally;
  5. to disseminate epochal revelation;
  6. to support humanitarian efforts contributing to a more compassionate and sustainable civilization;
  7. to promote the unity of expanded spiritual consciousness and individual spiritual ascension through:
    • healthcare and healing for the soul, mind, and body;
    • publications, art, music, radio programs, film, television, and World Wide Web productions, theatrical performances, and other means of appropriate ministry outreach;
  8. to expand the church ministry programs from time to time to further these purposes and objectives.

Global Community Communications Alliance