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"Starseed on Urantia who are beginning to realign themselves with cosmic truth—the first and foremost being the foundation of the Fatherhood of God and the brother/sisterhood of humankind—are beginning to create a more open flow between the circuits in their body, which is an actual linkage between a higher planet of light and their own body functions, and which activates a hopeful quest for divine purposes to be fulfilled within their thinking."

Paper 216, The Cosmic Family, Volume 1

Introducing The Language of The Fifth World

COMMON or 3rd Dimensional Term

  • Chakra
  • Sub-chakras
  • 8th, 9th and 10th Chakras
  • Ethereal or Semi-spiritual

4th Dimensional Term

  • Circuit
  • Subcircuits
  • Meridian Circuits
  • Morontia

Higher Terminology from Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation:

meridian circuits — Circuits of the morontia mind beginning in those who are coming into the first stages of light and life. Morontia mota begins in the meridian formation of the eighth, ninth, and subsequent circuits of the body that resonate with the superuniverses and with subcircuits connected to the major and minor sector headquarters as well as to system and planetary headquarters.

from The Cosmic Family, Volume 2

Knowledge of chakra anatomy has been on this planet for thousands of years. Chakra is a Sanskrit term for the wheel-like vortex energy center circuits of the human body in which there are seven main chakras/circuits and thousands of subcircuits.

Esoteric teachings about chakra meditation, chakra colors, chakra alignment and balancing, chakra healing, chakra meaning and symbols, and how to utilize these energy centers for psychic or spiritual power and astral travel/astral projection are mixed with cosmic spiritual truths as well as distorted rebellious concepts originating from Lucifer’s spiritual rebellion 200,000 years ago.

Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation expands upon the truths and corrects these ancient teachings with Ascension Science terminology clarifying that the chakras provide circuit connections to a variety of divine spiritual circuitry originating from the Paradise Trinity.

The Cosmic Family, Volume 1 is a textbook tool fusing science with spirituality designed to open and reactivate the spiritual circuitry of starseed and second-time Urantian souls as well as to assist new or first-light souls native to Urantia to expand their cosmic consciousness and bring our planet into the first stage of light and life.

The “Physics of Rebellion” is an aspect of the science and study of rebellion from God’s laws/commandments and divine pattern.

The University of Ascension Science and The Physics of Rebellion is the only academy of higher spiritual learning on the planet where Ascension Science concepts are taught. Home study courses are available that provide a basis for truth-seekers to achieve their destiny purpose in service to their brothers and sisters by becoming the Change Agents/Destiny Reservists needed to bring this planet out of rebellion and into the first stage of light and life.

The Cosmic Family, Volume 1 home study course is structured to give students an understanding of the importance of universe point of origin, genetic inheritance, complementary relationships, appropriate sexual relationships, and the healing of the physical, astral, and etheric bodies preparatory to ascension into the first morontia (semi-spiritual) body.

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