The Personality Rehabilitation Program

The Premiere Residential Youth-At-Risk Mentorship Program

A Division of Global Community Communications Alliance


With more than one in four teens nationally dropping out before they finish high school, there clearly exists a need to help these young people get on track toward becoming balanced and productive members of society.


The Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program endeavors to rehabilitate troubled at-risk young people through mentorship, counseling, training in spiritual encouragement, and self-mastery through service to others. Participants receive basic education and job training as needed for the completion of a high school equivalency certificate, as well as valuable skills to enter and compete in the job market.

The educational component is rounded out with fine arts, music, drama, and computer technology. We have been delighted to discover much artistic and musical talent among our pool of participants and are gratified to offer these young people opportunities to develop their talents and to share them with others.

This program represents our best efforts to offer a viable alternative to young people at risk, particularly for those who do not naturally fit into traditional mainstream academic settings. Your assistance to our program will mean much more than your financial contribution. We will count you as a supporting partner in making a lasting positive change in the lives of the young people we serve.


Applicants must complete admissions procedures and demonstrate a high motivation and spirit of cooperation. Once accepted, our dedicated staff then works as a team to construct a tailor-made program for each participant, taking into account their specific life history, educational and vocational abilities and deficiencies, specific negative behavioral patterns, and their unique interests, aptitudes and potential.

The staff includes a clinical psychologist (who provides a thorough initial and on-going psychosocial assessment), counselors, vocational supervisors, and experienced educators with years of work in public and private schools.

Each participant is assigned a full day of service activities and classes. By sharing their time and talents unselfishly, participants begin a path to a virtuous life, and in so doing gain a personal sense of goodness and self-worth. We believe this enhanced self-esteem and desire to work cooperatively provides the best defense against falling back into destructive behavioral patterns and, accordingly, the best chance to lead a successful life once graduated from the program. Other identifiable results include a discontinuance of drug, alcohol, and tobacco use; and a high likelihood of earning the equivalent of a high school diploma.

The program began informally 15 years ago as a natural outgrowth of other Global Community Communications Alliance (GCCA) sponsored youth programs. Participants are referred from a wide variety of sources including the Yavapai County Attorney's Office, who recognized the Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program as a Treatment Assessment Screening Center (TASC) equivalent. The program is financially supported and staffed by the members of GCCA and does not discriminate on the basis of religion, gender, race, color, or national or ethnic origin in any of its admission or administrative policies.

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"To me the Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program is an opportunity for troubled teens to gain a more spiritual perspective on life while learning some important skills such as natural gardening, animal husbandry, carpentry, plumbing, home-making skills, etc. that give them more of a sense of self-worth and an ability to function more fully in life. The program also provides them with opportunities to learn from and interact with their mentors who have, through long experience, gained some mastery over their own lives."

~ Arlin Munro, Program Counselor

Before enrolling in the Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program I was confused, depressed and even suicidal at times. The program's counselors guided me through a process of learning the value of becoming who I truly am and provided me with both a spiritual perspective on my life and with training in real world skills. I learned that "finding myself" is okay and that I could safely take off the masks and put down my guard."

~ Jone, San Bernadino, CA

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