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GCCA is Seeking a Full-Time Volunteer Audio Engineer for Future Studios

A Division of Global Community Communications Alliance


Global Change Media, a division of Global Community Communications Alliance, is seeking an experienced audio engineer to achieve the technical and artistic audio needs of studio productions at our state-of-the-art recording studio, Future Studios.

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We are looking for an experienced professional studio engineer to work in our unique and beautiful facility in Southern Arizona. We have a state-of-the art recording studio with an SSL AWS 948 console and many quality vintage outboard components and microphones. This rare and amazing opportunity is for a full-time volunteer/human-rights advocate who wants to work in a spiritually-fulfilling environment.

Help record "Music of the Future for Minds of the Future™"

The Ideal Candidate Should Have:

  • Minimum 5 years of professional mixing experience on audio consoles (32 channels or more) and an understanding of signal flow, how to operate a patch bay, and proficiency in Pro Tools.
  • Experience or willingness to learn an SSL AWS 948 Console.
  • Working knowledge and experience of digital mixing consoles and other digital audio equipment.
  • Manual dexterity and an aptitude for working with electrical, electronic, and mechanical systems and equipment.
  • Acute and balanced hearing awareness of range and limits of sound equipment with a general understanding of health and safety issues concerning safe sound limits and amplifications.
  • Ability to identify problems, troubleshoot audio equipment, and to learn from senior audio studio engineers and the studio audio specialist on the setup, execution, and strike of audio control rooms and studio equipment.

Why Future Studios?

Future Studios offers a full suite of music production services to take clients from the recording studio, to the editing room, to the airwaves. We, and our Global Change affiliates, are dedicated to providing services and support to artists promoting love, compassion, and integrity: spiritual principles that are the fruits of eternity. This is the art we take pride in. Production quality meets ethical quality: that's our trademark.

Responsibilities and Duties

You will be responsible for all aspects of audio engineering including tracking, overdubbing and mixing. Other responsibilities include all tech staff interactions, gear purchases, systems integration, volunteer development, training, and personal development within the organization. We are an organization that values 100% responsibility - own it.


Create and maintain a culture where people are inspired to serve. Find deep fulfillment and affirmation.


Supervise and work with staff/volunteers to accommodate the technical setup and maintenance of equipment needed to get the job done.


To best utilize the equipment we have, yet — through knowledge, strategic planning, and action — continually propel us to stay current and prepare for the next level. Be the lead pursuer and champion of technical advances and trends to facilitate appropriate planning for the future needs of the team.


Appropriately pursue education and training to better your knowledge of leadership and media-related issues. Model spirit of teachability and appropriately pursue training and education.


Develop new and innovative structures/vehicles to enhance the team's ability to create increasingly better productions with creativity and professionalism.


Make best use of resources by making wise, strategic new purchase recommendations, plus effectively use facility space allocated.


Supervise all maintenance issues related to media equipment, providing direct service whenever possible to minimize equipment downtime and expense.


What do we mean by "beyond pay"? Fair reciprocation is very important to us, but any potential candidate does need to know that this opportunity looks different than what you would expect from a "normal" paying job. As a human-rights advocate recording engineer you will be a full-time volunteer with all of your needs being met. You will live within a holistic culture with access to a world-class recording studio, and you'll be surrounded by dedicated volunteers who are all living, working, learning and growing to help change and improve our world.

Let's have a conversation today about how our model of new paradigm reciprocation can work for you.

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