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Global Community Communications Alliance provides scholarship opportunities to individuals with assistance for room/board and tuition costs for our various programs. These scholarships are for individuals who have no income and come from disenfranchised families. In 2019, $69,455.00 was provided for our student participants.

Your tax deductible donation can provide for those in need to receive financial aid in furthering their personal spiritual training in the University of Ascension Science and the Physics of Rebellion and providing for their health and welfare through individualized Personality Integration Rehabilitation Programs. Your contributions continue to allow for the future of those less fortunate and aid GCCA in our efforts towards positive global change.

Global Community Communications Alliance

  • Dental
  • Medical Care
  • Professional counseling for those who are in need

Avalon Organic Gardens & EcoVillage

Material Goods Wish List
  • Electric golf cart(s)
  • Electric Tools of all kinds, weed whackers, power tools, etc.
  • Solar Panels
  • Wind Power
  • Solar Storage batteries  
  • Building materials such as lumber, plywood, bricks, tile, windows, doors, hardware, etc.
  • Power tools such as sawz-alls, drills, compound miter saws etc.
  • Garden tools such as pitch forks, digging forks, rakes, wheel barrows, shovels etc.
  • 2000 gallon or more Water truck 
  • Water trailer tanks
  • Electric fencing supplies and chargers for animals
  • Bee keeping equipment such as veils, suits, gloves, smokers, etc.
  • Seeds of all kinds
  • Trees of all kinds
  • Horse Tack

Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program for Starseed and New Souls

  • Rehabilitation for the young and not-so-young who have a difficult time assimilating into society

Global Family Legal Services

  • Providing legal assistance and access to justice for low income families

The University of Ascension Science and The Physics of Rebellion

  • Construction of The Global Temple
  • Landscaping and grounds upkeep
  • Green building projects
  • Homestudy tuition
  • Visual arts program to purchase art-supplies and tools

Global Change Media

  • KVAN Visionary Radio
  • Production of videos and podcasts
  • Music program to purchase instruments and professional equipment for our children and young adults in the arts (recording and video)
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Global Community Communications Alliance