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human-rights advocate,
part-time volunteer or student for Global Community Communications Alliance


You're tired of your job, and you're looking for your calling. You've been disappointed by the corporate systems of greed and are ready for a new start. You feel a relentless drive to participate in the active creation of a new paradigm culture that serves humanity. We were all there once too, then we found our sacred vocation, volunteering as a human-rights advocate for Global Community Communications Alliance.

Community of UASPR

How you can join as a full time member

We are seeking qualified persons to become active and dedicated participants of the vision unfolding here at Global Community Communications Alliance. This opportunity is only for highly dedicated individuals who feel a specific calling to work towards a global mission of bringing peace and unity to the planet. Qualified applicants have an innate sense that they are here not to make money or to participate in the predominant system of greed but to serve God and humanity by bringing into reality the more beautiful world we all know is possible.


In additional to full-time membership as a volunteer human-rights advocate for Global Community Communications Alliance we also offer a part-time volunteer opportunity as well as two education options:

Volunteer Opportunities

Please apply here if you desire to volunteer your time, talents, and abilities to some area of Global Community Communications Alliance.


University Course Study Enrollment

Enroll in courses to study the Fifth and Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation. Students may study and live on-campus or enroll online in home study courses.


Vocational Education Programs

Our Vocational Education programs provide the resources and hands-on experiences for anyone seeking to be a more responsible global citizen and steward of the environment.


Seeking Skills

GCCA is currently seeking volunteer human-rights advocates who are:

  • Recording Engineers
  • Sound Engineers
  • Creative Designers
  • Website & Database Designers
  • I.T. Specialists
  • Film Specialists, such as Cinematographers, Cameramen, Script Writers, Editors, Special Effects
  • Architects
  • Construction Workers
  • Car & Heavy Machinery Mechanics
  • Hospice Doctors, Nurses, CNAs, and Clerical Staff
  • School Teachers
  • Attorneys
  • Massage Therapists
  • Fundraisers & Grant Specialists
  • Accountants & Bookkeepers
  • Secretaries & Clerical Personnel
  • Gardeners & Agricultural Workers
  • Landscapers & Grounds Keepers
  • Maintenance Personnel
  • Publishing Specialists
Unselfishness is the badge of human greatness. The highest levels of self-realization are attained by worship and service. The happy and effective person is motivated, not by fear of wrongdoing, but by love of right doing.

~ The Urantia Book, (140:4.6)

Who we are

A volunteer for GCCA is a Human-Rights Advocate-in-training. A person who feels they are being called to Divine Headquarters / Divine Administration for a specific destiny to serve humanity in some extra-special way.

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Where we came from

Every volunteer human-rights advocate at one point found themselves frustrated with the fallen system that entraps people and disables them from realizing their highest destinies. Some came well-experienced in a professional field and felt compelled to step out of the system completely in order to work for a greater good. Others came as humble students, ready and excited to flourish in an environment conducive to learning and serving—one that matches their innate talents and brings fulfillment to their deep desires to make a difference in the world.

Where we are going

Our regenerative community model is designed to supplant the existing social norms of competition and greed with cooperation and the united actualization of spiritual ideals. Our community has been aspirational, inspiring, pragmatic, and efficiently functional for more than 32 years. We offer a new lifestyle—one that can renew and adapt even in a world of extreme transition. One day in the near future this model of living will become the planetary standard with seven main sectors located around the world.

The Global Temple


What skills are you looking for in a volunteer human-rights advocate applicant?

What accommodations do you offer?

Will I get paid?

How do I know if this is right for me?

What makes your community successful?

Okay, I'm in. How do I apply?

I have a family and we're all looking for a community.

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