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TaliasVan's Latest Musical Release: I'm Still Trying To Move On - CosmoCountry

Interview with Dutch journalists for Belgium's
De Standaard magazine on April 2 about world weather anomalies and world crises.

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A Message From TaliasVan

Most of the 144,000 Destiny Reservists all over the world have no idea that we are living in the midst of the Tribulation and what that means in relationship to them, their families, their destinies, the First Stage of Light and Life and to their involvement in the future Divine Planetary Administration.

It will take tremendous pain and suffering at this juncture in the third dimension for them to awaken to their calling to find their way to the fourth dimension at Planetary Sacred Home and  Divine Administration and to learn the language of the Hopi Fifth World which is the Fifth Epochal Revelation.

Mandate of The Bright & Morning Star

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Co-Founder Gabriel of Urantia and son Amadon of Urantia (click to enlarge)

Gabriel of Urantia/
Amadon of Urantia &
Gabriel of Urantia/TaliasVan

The Unknown Masters: Gabriel of Urantia & Niánn Emerson Chase