Gabriel of Urantia's Resume

Anthony Joseph Delevin since 1946

Gabriel since 1985

Gabriel of Sedona since 1990

TaliasVan since 1993

Gabriel of Urantia since 2006

Van (in The URANTIA Book) since 500,000 years ago

Gabriel of Urantia, with Niánn Emerson Chase, is the cofounder of the University of Ascension Science and the Physics of Rebellion located in Tumacácori, Arizona, USA. The Global Temple of Divine Administration is under construction at the campus which is a center for the study of Fifth and Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation (The URANTIA Book and The Cosmic Family volumes), and for the training of Destiny Reservist Missionaries from around the world.

Born Anthony Joseph Delevin; my public name is Gabriel of Urantia/TaliasVan. This chronology presents an overview of educational experience and personally meaningful ministry; a brief record of my U. S. missionary service to humanity for more than 40 years. During these years my service to churches, social service programs, spiritual ministries, and as a spiritual counselor provided me and my family only room, board and necessities, without a salary. This continues to be true up to this present day.


Forbes School (Grade School) [Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania]
Fifth Avenue High School (7th & 8th grade) [Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania]

  • Academic Achievement Award
Connelley Vocational High School (9th - 12th grade) [Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania] — graduated 1964
  • Studies:
    • Specialized in radio and television electronics (2 years)
    • Specialized in electric power (2 years)
  • Achievements:
    • Secretary of the Student Council (12th grade)
    • Captain of School Patrol
    • Director of Student Drama Dept.
    • Basketball Team Captain — Intervarsity Basketball Championship Winning Team (12th grade)
  • Awards:
    • 1st Place in All-City Student Singing Contest

Enlisted in U.S. Marines for tour to Vietnam but I was denied due to an undiagnosed spinal column birth defect. My father was a 5-year, decorated World War II Marine veteran, who saw several first landings in the Pacific and many second landings. I learned to understand true honor and loyalty by his example.


Professional nightclub singer (age 18-24) with several bands in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Recorded fifteen 45 r.p.m’s at Snyder Recording Company [Cleveland, Ohio]

Gateway Studios [Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania]
  • 1967, Age 20 – Recorded Jive Dooley Bop and Come Into My Heart with popular Pittsburgh band The Debonairs.
Aircraft Studios [Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania]
  • 1985, Age 39 – Recorded the first New Age Vocal vinyl album & first Conscious Pop album, Unicorn Love, and was a pioneer for other conscious pop groups.
Vintage Studios [Phoenix, Arizona]
  • 1994 – Recorded Holy City, CosmoMystic with Grammy Award-Winning Engineer Billy Moss and music entrepreneur Santeen.
Future Studios [Sedona, Arizona]
  • Recorded CosmoPop Millennium, Energy Master, CosmoPop Variety, CosmoWorship I, CosmoWorship II, CosmoNative, and The God Child Came with Grammy Award-Winning Engineer Billy Moss and music entrepreneur Santeen.
Future Studios [Tumacácori, Arizona]
  • Recorded CosmoCountry and CosmoMystic with Grammy Award-Winning Engineer Billy Moss and music entrepreneur Santeen.

Since the age of 24, I have played guitar, sung, recorded, and written spiritual music, creating a new genre that I have called CosmoPop, which includes rock, jazz, folk, Celtic, country, and many more styles. I presently have more than a dozen full-length albums, some of which include a style called CosmoWorship with a 50-voice choir and orchestra. Read Musical Resumé.

I recorded the first New Age Vocal album, called Unicorn Love, in 1985 and was a pioneer for other conscious pop groups.

I began to do Spiritualution℠ concerts in 1997 in the southwest as well as Mt. Shasta, California, and Durango, Colorado.

I founded the nonprofit Global Change Music nonprofit record label in Sedona, Arizona. My music can be heard on Spotify under TaliasVan & The Bright & Morning Star Band.


Jarman Shoes [Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania]
  • Shoes Salesman
Columbia Steel [Carnegie, Pennsylvania]
  • Inventory clerk of steel bars, worked in office using Comptometer and other calculators
  • Computer operator, Honeywell mainframe (2 years)
  • Selected (at 24 years old) by Columbia Steel Union as a Representative for union causes at a Philadelphia convention, was introduced to then-Governor Milton Shapp. A photo of this encounter can be found at:
Allegheny Community College [Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania]

  • Associate Degree, Liberal Arts & Sciences (2 years)

Duquesne University [Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania]

  • 18 credits of Theology
  • One of the first students at Duquesne University to be involved in the Charismatic Catholic Renewal, which led to an acquaintance with Maria Von Trapp and daughters (of The Sound of Music fame). Agatha Von Trapp became a personal spiritual mentor. A framed letter from her hangs in my office and states:
“‘Wait on the Lord’ is my advice to you and let Jesus handle all your affairs. They could be in no better hands. Wishing you all the blessings of the Lord’s resurrection.”
— Agatha Von Trapp
  • Attended Notre Dame University for seminar and convention with charismatic priests and laymen from all over the world
  • Ordained for the first time with United Brethren Evangelical, under Rev. Carlton Pearce
  • Attended Catholic charismatic meetings
  • Led Bible studies for all denominations within charismatic renewal, student of Rev. Russell Bix
  • Wrote articles for a Catholic charismatic magazine, The Body Builder
  • Attended The Community of the Crucified One, a Catholic community with Pastor Eddie Donovan in Homestead, Pennsylvania.
  • Attended Saint Francis Seminary in Loretto, Pennsylvania, with Father Michael Scanlan, who became the President of the College of Steubenville.

Kathryn Kuhlman Ministries [Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania]

  • Early 1970s
  • Received additional instruction from my personal spiritual advisor Mary McCally, a representative of Kathryn Kuhlman

Bible student [Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania]

  • Early 1970s
  • Received certificate of completion for Voice of Prophecy Home Bible Study Course

Hebrew Christian Center (Messianic Jewish Ministry) [Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania]

  • Bible student of Instructor and Director Reverend David Nelson, Lutheran Missouri Synod
  • Received additional biblical instruction in Old and New Testaments from my Israeli personal spiritual advisor, Reverend Ruth Harris (Messianic Jew, born in Tel Aviv, Israel)

Holy Trinity Benedictine Monastery [St. David, Arizona]

  • Attended for 6 months as a brother initiate considering the Priesthood, under Abbot Father Lewis

Pecos New Mexico Benedictine Monastery [Pecos, New Mexico]

  • Attended for a several-week study on becoming a spiritual advisor, under Abbot David Garretts
  • Studied Jungian psychology and dream analysis

Franciscan Third-Order Community [Montrose, Colorado]

  • Attended for 3 months Franciscan Third-Order Community and first learned of sustainable building and dome construction


Nicky Cruz Organization (Halfway Houses) [Huntington, West Virginia & Fayetteville, North Carolina]

  • Approximately early 1970s
  • Counselor (1 year)
  • Consulted with Nicky Cruz (of the movie and book The Cross and The Switchblade fame) on several occasions

Lost and Found Ministries (Reverend Pete Peterson) [4th Avenue, Tucson, Arizona]

  • Mid 1970s
  • Counselor (1 year)

CENTRUM of Hollywood [Hollywood, California]

  • Counselor with 24-hour help line
  • Director of Hollywood Free Theater (that was to be opened on Hollywood Boulevard). Was selected over many applicants by the Board, which included Pat Boone, Katherine B. DeMille (Cecil B. DeMille’s daughter and Anthony Quinn’s wife), and Kleg Seth (Man-of-the-Year Award by Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and Director of CENTRUM), to name just three among other celebrities.


Youth With A Mission (Bill Francis, Director)

  • Student trades craftsman
  • Counselor
  • Street ministry
  • Consulted with Keith Green, Director of Last Days Ministries and musician
  • Counseled with and received a life prophecy from David Wilkerson of Teen Challenge Programs. This handwritten prophecy is framed and hangs in my office.

You have need of patience after you have done the will of the Father, that you might receive the promise.

Be not denied. God is not mocked, whatsoever a man soweth, that he shall also reap. You have sown the seed you will reap in God’s time.

No weapon formed against you shall prosper. Greater is He that is within you than he that is within the world.

"If you do that which is right, who is he that can harm you?"
— David Wilkerson


Son Light Ministries [630 N. 4th Avenue, Tucson, Arizona] 1977 - 1982

  • Established first nonprofit organization and halfway house
  • Ordained second time by Pastor Maynard Weisbrod of Calvary Evangelistic Center and Rev. David P. Strickland.
  • Spiritual Advisors:
    • Rev. Tex Young, Jesus Fellowship
    • Rev. Ken Miles, Tucson Christian Fellowship
    • Rev. Gilbert Garcia, Son Life Church, Inc.
    • Rev. Gil Sandoval, Son Life Church, Inc.
  • Worked with Pima County Jail pretrial release program under Director David Strickland, Dept. of Economic Security
  • Volunteer Chaplain, Pima County Sheriff’s Dept. for the County Jail (1977-1982), Reverend Dan Burgoyne, Head of Chaplain and affiliated with Grace Chapel Church.


Reevis Mountain School of Self Reliance (Peter Bigfoot, Director) [Superstition Wilderness of Arizona]

  • 1987
  • Attended for 6 months learning how to live off the land. Lived in teepee, with no luxuries of life.


Global Community Communications Alliance IRC § 501(c)(3) church and multi-faceted organization [Tumacácori, Arizona]:

  • Co-founded with Niánn Emerson Chase in 1989 in Prescott, Arizona


  • Moved to Sedona, Arizona (1990-2007).


  • Moved to Tumacácori, Arizona (2007-present)
  • GCCA SUPPORTS the following Nonprofit Social Service Programs (For more information on these service programs please see our Service Ministries page)
    • Religious order (all religious order members take vows of poverty and celibacy before marriage)
    • The University of Ascension Science and The Physics of Rebellion
    • The campus of The University of Ascension Science and The Physics of Rebellion
    • Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program (for all ages)
    • Homeless Is Not My Choice
    • Global Family Legal Services (specializing in immigration and domestic issues for low-income individuals and families)
      • Internships
    • The Sea Of Glass — Center For The Arts
    • KVAN Visionary Radio 91.7 FM / Tucson and KVAN.FM worldwide on the internet
    • Global Change Media and Global Change Music nonprofit record label
    • Camp Avalon Spiritual Nature Retreat (for spiritual retreats and individuals in a sacred environment on Oak Creek in Sedona, Arizona)
    • Global Community Communications Starseed/Indigo Schools for Teens & Children
  • AFFILIATES with Nonprofit Social Service Programs and Supporting Organizations
    • Soulistic Medical Institute
      • Soulistic Hospice
      • Soulistic Healing Center (copper-ionized pools and complementary healing modalities including the new healing modalities of Morontian Counseling, Tron Therapy and Monochord Sound Harp Chair)

For more than 30 years, Gabriel of Urantia and his spiritual and administrative complement, Niánn Emerson Chase, have founded a variety of nonprofit organizations, supporting organizations, program services, divisions, and cottage industries. Read more about them here.

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