The Mandate of the Bright and Morning Star held by Gabriel of Urantia/TaliasVan of Tora, given by Creator Sons to human Planetary Princes

  • The symbol of God's authority, given by a Creator Son in every universe of time and space to a human Planetary Prince, according to Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation/The Cosmic Family volumes. The 'T' is for TaliasVan. The 'V' is for Van of The URANTIA Book, a supermortal.
  • The symbol of the ancient Israeli, Celtic holy man, musician, and warrior, also adapted by ancient Chinese king-warriors.
  • The symbol of a Divine Administration, used in ancient times by David of Israel, by Druidic kings, by King Arthur, and by the Chinese.
  • Tradition teaches the symbol came from the stars, particularly the Pleiades/Avalon from the planet Tora.
  • The responsibility of whomever holds the mandate of this symbol for the actualization of individuals' destinies.
  • Used also by Freemasonry as a symbol of Hiram.
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