Global Community Communications Alliance: A Japanese Perspective

Global Community Communications Alliance image.
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Quickly translated, not word by word, but out of "the essence of it's meaning"
Japanese to English


Only minutes away from the center of Sedona, in a remote and a peaceful area down at the creek, you will find this wonderful, ideal community called the Global Community Communications Alliance [now located in Tumacácori, Arizona].

Surrounded with organic gardens and many small to large farm animals, you will feel it's loving spirituality and the earth-friendliness of this Eco-Village welcoming you. It was founded and created by the spiritual leader Gabriel of Urantia and his supporting community members.

Among all of the enlightened leaders/teachers in Sedona, Gabriel definitely shines out as one of the most leading successes with his wonderful, self reliable spiritual community. He is not only a spiritual leader, Gabriel is a very talented musician. He shares his wisdom and messages from the Universe even through his beautiful music.

Back in 1987, Gabriel visited Sedona and was walking along the area of the vortexes, when he was first approached by an extraterrestrial being (or being not from Earth). Among other valuable information and messages, he was told that he would meet his future wife here, with whom he would start this present community.

He followed the advice and messages and, as told, found his soul mate. Through hard work and dedication, the Global Community Communications Alliance was born. Approximately 100 wonderful members (the numbers growing more each day) reside here peacefully now.

Gabriel cannot be just compared to some channeller or spiritual leaders that we are somewhat familiar with in Japan. His magic of sharing the messages and his wisdom of knowledge goes far beyond that. He simply explains at the end of the interview: "Music is an intellectual language of the Universe. Through the music, we all are able to communicate peacefully, universally, and in depth."

Nature, organic gardens, animals, and music are their life...