Letter of Appreciation From Willowela to TaliasVan

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I cannot imagine this world without you, and I see you as strong, a very strong man, because for 72 yrs of age you have the life force like a 29 year old powerful warrior, not to mention your foundational "Peter the Rock " knowledge and Wisdom. And not to mention your very loving and kind coaching to each one of us, that can sometimes come with a voice that shakes the nonsense out of us ....!!!

Your music is real, its about real life's situations, and you show the listener, how to never let go of God during any difficult time. To me your music is the "Manna from heaven." You take us to the depths of facing real pain, to the heights of the mysticism of God, to getting Country on the Planet Mars, and back down to Earth with lines like "Woke Up this morning feeling like Norman" and "Grandma Cotrell's just a snoozing..."

And you always give a great amount of honor in recognizing activists that have put themselves on the line to serve their people, like Ken Saro Wiwa or in the "Planetary Brother Sister song", when you show honor and recognition to the many leaders of great movements that have encouraged their people to "Rise Up".

You have risen each one of us out of the ashes ... over and over.

I owe it to you, to become spiritually professional for this Music Ministry.

Love Willowela