The Advent of Many Things to Come

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     For many Christians the Advent Season officially starts four Sundays before Christmas and ends on Christmas day. The term advent means “a coming into being or use,” “an arrival,” “an approach,” “a reaching,” “a showing up,” “an attainment,” “an achievement.” All of those definitions have significance for Jesusonians attempting to live life as Jesus did—in truth, beauty, and goodness. Additionally, the meaning of advent is expanded beyond a seasonal event and is very much a part of our daily lives here in Divine Administration,1 headquartered on the campus of The University of Ascension Science & The Physics of Rebellion, of which Avalon Gardens & EcoVillage is part.

Planetary Sacred Home

     We in Divine Administration (or Global Community Communications Alliance) also refer to our headquarters as “First Planetary Sacred Home.” The word “first” implies that there will be others; the word “planetary” indicates that this is to include the entire planet; thus eventually the entire planet is destined to become a home to everyone, a “sacred” home.
     What does “sacred” mean? Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary defines sacred as: “dedicated or set apart for the service or worship of a deity; devoted exclusively to one service or use.” Roget’s International Thesaurus includes the following words as synonyms for sacred: holy, numinous, sacrosanct, spiritual, faith-based, blessed, consecrated, devoted, dedicated, and set apart.
     We in Global Community Communications Alliance (GCCA) can identify with each of those synonyms, and we are most certainly set apart, set apart from anything that will deter our own accelerated ascension and destiny to serve in our highest destiny within God’s perfect will. Or at least we try to set ourselves apart from our own personal habits, thoughtforms, and patterns that keep us in our lower selves. As an extended cosmic family, a spiritual community, a church, and university, we are set apart from many of the values and activities that are so much a part of the lives of most people in the dominant culture. And yet we often appear just like any other “normal” person outside of this faith-based community and university campus.

     When I go out into the public for various activities, I experience a sense of sisterhood and brotherhood and genuine affection for the other human beings I interact with, and I usually have a wonderful time connecting and getting to know others. I often tire after a few hours and feel a need to get refreshed and re-energized by soaking in some auhter energy2 of other cosmic family members aligned with Divine Administration. If I can, I go to a sacred place that is part of GCCA, like one of our many outreach locations such as the Soulistic Healing Center (in Tubac), or The Sea of Glass—Center For The Arts (in Tucson), or KVAN radio station (in Tucson), or Camp Avalon Spiritual Nature Retreat (in Sedona). As I walk in one of these sacred places, I always feel great relief wash over me. I feel a surge of peace and restfulness rise up in me as I experience a special beauty—the beauty of the power of place, the beauty of seeing some of my cosmic family members’ faces light up with welcome and love when they see me, and the beauty of the morontia magnetic field flow3 that is present in those places that are part of the Planetary Sacred Home.
     What we are creating here together in Divine Administration is very real. Every aspect of our reality on every level—material, mindal, and spiritual—is an advent. It is the advent of the beginning of a new world within divine pattern, which promotes well-being for all of life (plant, animal, and human), as well as worldwide peace and sisterhood/brotherhood. It is the advent of the Fifth Epochal Revelation4 taking hold in people’s hearts and minds. It is the advent of divine administration principles being practiced in every individual, in every family, in every community, and in every country.


     Of course, we humans think that this is all to happen soon, and “soon” for us is yesterday or in a week or a few years. But time means something bigger and vaster to our celestial friends. There is a comment in The URANTIA Book in one of the papers about Adam and Eve, which states that though Adam looked forward to the advent of the next bestowal he did not know that Michael, the sovereign of this universe, was so soon to appear on Urantia. “So soon” is what the seraphim Solonia said, and “so soon” was 35,000 years later!
     No wonder I feel both intrigued and challenged when I think about what we in Divine Administration are called to do! When the various celestial personalities continue to tell us that soon the adjudication will end, soon peace will prevail, and soon light and life will come, I wonder: “What do they mean by soon?” We know it is not 35,000 years from now. We know that it is not even hundreds of years from now. We know that this is not a normal planet with normal dispensations. We know that there has been an upstepping in the timeline of events that are to unfold.


     The term “advent” when used in The URANTIA Book is usually related to new eras approaching, new dispensations happening with the intervention of a bestowal of an epochal revelation5. On Urantia (Earth), with the advent of the First Epochal Revelation 500,000 years ago, I do not think there were many, if any, human inhabitants who looked forward to the coming of the Planetary Prince,6 although there were numerous celestials who looked forward to that advent.
     Van taught about the coming of the Material Son and Daughter,7 and so humans, midwayers, and other unseen personalities aligned with Van and Divine Administration looked forward to the advent of a new dispensation that occurred with the arrival of Adam and Eve about 36,000 years ago. Since then, a certain small group of humans have looked forward to the advent of the coming of some great spiritual leader that would bring in a new dispensation, the beginning of a new world of sanity, peace, and harmony.
     The Jews, and others, looked forward to the advent of the coming of the promised Messiah that was spoken of in the prophecies of their sacred texts. Only a few people recognized the actual arrival of the Bestowal Son (Joshua ben Joseph/Jesus)—the Fourth Epochal Revelation—about 2,000 years ago, even though many were looking for Him. Their expectations did not match the reality of what He presented.

In The URANTIA Book we are told:

     The Bestowal Son is the Prince of Peace. He arrives with the message, “Peace on earth and good will among men.” On normal worlds this is a dispensation of world-wide peace; the nations no more learn war. But such salutary influences did not attend the coming of your Bestowal Son, Christ Michael. Urantia [Earth] is not proceeding in the normal order. Your world is out of step in the planetary procession. Your Master, when on earth, warned his disciples that his advent would not bring the usual reign of peace on Urantia. He distinctly told them that there would be “wars and rumors of wars,” and that nation would rise up against nation. At another time He said, “Think not that I have come to bring peace upon earth.” (Paper 52, Section 6, Paragraph 1)

     So, almost 2,000 years later we still see wars and rumors of wars happening. Here we are with wars happening all over the planet that could lead to World War III! In fact, though we humans have moved forward in many material accomplishments that can make life easier (or more complicated), we have not moved forward in spiritual evolution to match those material achievements—thus we have a high-tech society that has many material comforts and distractions but very little of eternal value. And we have weapons of mass destruction! There are enough nuclear weapons to wipe out all of life on this planet ten times over! Additionally the web of life in the natural world is unraveling and the social fabric of civilization is crumbling at a frighteningly fast pace. Scientists refer to this era as “the sixth extinction.” And most of this destruction is due to the culmination of humans’ choices and actions!
     These indeed are urgent times, times for divine intervention, which is happening on levels that we do not even realize. What we know is that we humans aligned here at some level with Global Community Communications Alliance are a part of that intervention. We do not have a map of the complete outworking of it all, or the exact timing, but we have been given some ideas, a vision.

     And so we look towards the advent of the implementation of Divine Administration on a planetary level. Right now it is happening here among us in this small group living on campus of The University of Ascension Science & The Physics of Rebellion at Avalon Gardens & EcoVillage. Though it seems small and quite imperfect, and we often feel so insignificant, from a celestial perspective we in this fourth-dimensional-becoming culture8 have created a light that can be seen from the heavens! We have such a huge challenge, but if we were not able to do it, I do not think that Celestial Overcontrol9 would have asked us to do it.


     There have been moments of sacredness throughout all time among human beings, and especially since the advent of the bestowal of Michael as Jesus. He indeed was a Prince of Peace, and continues to be whenever an individual acknowledges Him for who He is, not as just an ordinary human or a hologram or a mushroom as some supposedly learned men have stated on various media outlets. For those over the centuries who have embraced Jesus as their Christ at some level and who have attempted to implement His actual teachings, sacredness has happened.

     I want to close with a very sacred incident that happened during wartime that Joni Eareckson Tada reminds us about in her book A Christmas Longing.

During the Franco-Prussian War in 1870, French and German soldiers faced each other in opposite trenches on Christmas Eve. While a light snow filled the sky and covered the ground in delicate white, a young Frenchman leaped out of his trench and began singing a beautiful French Christmas carol, “O Holy Night.” No one fired a shot. The Germans were awestruck, laying aside their weapons in momentary disbelief. Then a young German soldier climbed out of his trench and sang Martin Luther’s Christmas hymn “From Heaven Above to Earth I Come.” After the soldier finished his solo, he returned to his trench. For the rest of that day, a calm and gentle peace fell over the battlefield…as calm and gentle as the flakes of snow which lightly touched the ground. The bloody Franco-Prussian War for just a day…for just a moment…had stopped. The fighting was suspended. A truce, of sorts, was called. For that moment, the heralding of another peace treaty rang across those camps.

The war between heaven and earth, God and humans, ended with the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. And the beautiful thing was this: it wasn’t just for a day. The war had not simply been suspended. It wasn’t a temporary truce. You see, when Christ entered history, He didn’t come waving a white flag. His coming was not simply a lull in the battle. It was more than a momentary cease-fire. When the angels sang, “Peace on earth, good will toward men,” they were announcing an armistice. It was V-Day—an end, not just to the battle between God and humans, but to the war.

The phrase “peace on earth” carries with it so much more meaning than simply a warm, fuzzy feeling between the Lord and us. Christ, our Prince of Peace, was God’s way of announcing the close to an awful war. The Lord Jesus invaded enemy territory to lay claim on what was rightfully His. He confronted sin, and His battle cry told men that He had come to set them free.

     Through His life on Urantia (Earth) Jesus signed the peace treaty. Now it is up to each individual to accept that peace treaty personally and begin adjusting to a new life, very different than the one they lived before. For us aligned at some level with Global Community Communications Alliance, in our acceptance of the peace treaty with Michael of Nebadon, we begin the advent of our rehabilitation and reconciliation with divine pattern within our entire being.

Notes on terminology introduced in The Cosmic Family volumes

1 Divine Administration is a hierarchy of spiritual leaders (human mortals and celestials) mandated to assist with the solving of world affairs, using divine administration principles of ethics and morality. In addition, the term can designate the spiritual headquarters on Urantia (Earth) where humans are consciously aligned with this hierarchy of personalities—mortal and celestial—to create a culture that implements a paradigm of living the principles of truth, beauty, and goodness. This model of living—thinking, feeling, doing, and being—is destined for all of humankind in the future. At this time “Divine Administration” is located on the campus of The University of Ascension Science & The Physics of Rebellion, of which Avalon Gardens & EcoVillage is part.

2 Auhter energy is a measurable energy field, created by souls in a cosmically-related group of people.

3 Morontia magnetic field flow is a higher flow of auhter energy between cosmic family members one to another, opening a divine circuitry path to system and universe headquarters and above, and creating a magnetic drawing power to the First Planetary Sacred Home. This field flow is available to those who know about the activation of thought energy in connection to divine circuitry.

4 Fifth Epochal Revelation is revelatory information published as The URANTIA Book and containing more than 2,000 pages of facts about God, the cosmos, and many of the celestial and mortal inhabitants of the Grand Universe, as well as spiritual truths. This revelation is continuing to come through in additional papers, available in The Cosmic Family volumes, and is referred to as the Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation.

5 An epochal revelation is worldwide prophetic knowledge (revelation) about God and the cosmos, given to the planet by celestial personalities at periodic intervals. On Earth/Urantia there have been five epochal revelations.

6 A Planetary Prince is a celestial personality, or on rare occasion human, responsible for ruling a planet spiritually; the spiritual leader of the world.

7 Material Sons and Daughters are the highest type of sex-reproducing beings in a local universe, the Adams and Eves, who are the biological uplifters of the evolutionary races, physically present in administrative capacity under a Planetary Prince.

8 The fourth dimension is a consciousness level that is one step above the third dimensional level of the mainstream consciousness on Earth, which is materialistic. The fourth dimension is the first level of morontia perspective, which brings in the spirit level of reality, thus understanding life from a more spiritized consciousness.

9 Celestial Overcontrol is a group of celestial beings who help administer world affairs through a spiritual hierarchy in other dimensions.

Niánn Emerson Chase

Niánn Emerson Chase co-founded Global Community Communications Alliance, a 120+ member intentional community located in southern Arizona. Niánn is the Director of the University of Ascension Science and the Physics of Rebellion, as well as serving on the Board of Elders. She is a counselor and a pastor.

Niánn is a spiritual leader, educator, activist, and a prolific author with many articles on culture, society, spirituality, and sustainability. Her spiritual-based philosophies and peace-motivated efforts have positively impacted countless individuals worldwide.

Her personal ideals and pursuits are to fuse revelatory spiritual teachings with the philosophical and spiritual truths from all cultures and religions into the classroom and into mainstream consciousness.

Niánn shares her visions and teachings to reveal a global outlook toward a future of world peace and harmony as one planetary family.