The Decoys Of Caligastia To Keep People Away From  The Fifth Epochal Revelation

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     I write this to expose some of the deceptions that Caligastia historically has used, and continues to use now, to discredit both The URANTIA Book and the Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation (found in The Cosmic Family volumes). Deception through decoy has been a major trick of the fallen Planetary Prince of Urantia (Caligastia) since his fall 200,000 years ago, beginning by him aligning with Lucifer’s strategies of discrediting Michael of Nebadon (our Creator Son) and the finaliters in their universe plan of ascension, ministry, and administration.     
     There are many references to the Lucifer Rebellion and the Caligastia fall throughout The URANTIA Book, with three entire papers focused on this particular system- and planetary-level deviation from the way of the Universal Father. Much deception was presented during the great heavenly debate that occurred on Jerusem (the capital of our system of Satania) in the first seven years after the inception of the Rebellion, which the fallen Planetary Princes took to their worlds. Many of those false concepts are conceptually alive today on Urantia.          On Urantia, the “Caligastia influence” has attempted to discredit the Fourth Epochal Revelation—Jesus Christ—during and after His life here on Earth, and this diminishing of the true identity of Jesus Christ continues today. Very simply put, the strategy of “painting a portrait” of Jesus being a mere carpenter and uneducated and forming a “cult” of followers implies that no good minds could come from a mere laborer or from Nazareth, etc. This strategy of demeaning the experiences and background of certain political or religious leaders is used in every area of society today—regardless of whether the “facts” presented are truthful or distorted.
     Thus the attempts at invalidating The URANTIA Book, by discrediting the individual humans behind its beginnings, is still used today—“nothing good could have come out of that gangster-infested, corrupt city of labor, Chicago, in those early days” and so on. (Interesting to note that today Chicago has one of the highest rates of violence and shootings in the nation.)
     The same strategy is used with the humans behind the Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation, especially the Audio Fusion Material Complement—“nothing good could come from the uneducated son of a Pittsburgh laborer” and so on. Also misleading is the still-popular idea that spiritual revelation is supposed to come out of Tibet or India or some other “mystical” place other than your own backyard.

The Phenomena of Channeling in the Urantia Movement

     After my introduction to The URANTIA Book, through long-time reader and teacher Duane Faw in Malibu, I attended various study groups in southern California and met people who were beginning to get into New Age teachings (many of which are truths, but many are absolute nontruths), including The Course of Miracles (published in 1976) and The Keys of Enoch (published in 1973), which were decoys drawing people away from a deep understanding of The URANTIA Book.
     A few years later—in the hopes that “readers” would not get into “channeling” (which was so popular in the New Age movement)—I and my associates, in early 1990 (and continuing until the publication of the First Edition of The Cosmic Family, Volume 1 in 1993), distributed a few early transmissions/papers in print to many individuals in the Urantia movement, including Duane Faw who I loved and admired and was my first teacher, who I was supernaturally led to by the midwayers, which I wrote further about in my autobiography The Divine New Order and the Dawn of the First Stage of Light and Life.
     I also shared with Duane (verbally and in writing) other information of what was beginning to unfold with me as an audio fusion material complement, much of which is in Paper 209 of The Cosmic Family, Volume 1. Duane passed that additional information on to other Urantia Book readers.
     Paper 209, of The Cosmic Family, Volume 1, states that all interdimensional celestial communication stopped in 1989, when Machiventa Melchizedek became acting Planetary Prince of Urantia. That paper explains the difference between an audio fusion material complement and the channeling process. Unlike channeling or the method utilized with the sleeping human vessel used to communicate to the first small group of humans (which eventually culminated in the Urantia Papers), audio fusion has more to do with particle fusion from ultimatonic to cellular levels of a celestial personality (morontia or spirit) with a mortal. I realize that many in the Urantia movement did not receive this information readily, with many taking offense. 
     As was stated previously, this and other information about Celestial Overcontrol communicating through me as an audio fusion material complement was sent to many in the Urantia movement in early 1990. Unfortunately, some of those who had been influenced by the New Age teachings took the information and “ran with it,” actually claiming to channel information from celestials. If they channeled something other than their own thoughts, they were “channeling” fallen midwayers, like Ham who was one of the first so-called entities to be channeled (which I understand to have been with a group in Woods Cross, Utah sometime in 1990, a few months after my associates and I had distributed those transmissions/papers).
     There is usually some truth in the fallen midwayers’ teachings, enough to deceive, and then deviation from the truth is presented—a major lie, a major deception. For 200,000 years, this has been the strategy of Caligastia on this world, which lures people away from the full truth. Some of these lies or falsehoods are:

  • There is no evil. (The URANTIA Book has much to say about evil and the degrees of evil—error, sin, and iniquity.)
  • We humans create our reality in order to learn lessons; therefore, there are no mistakes or wrongdoing—just lessons to learn. (This ties in with the concept that there is no evil. Though we can learn from our own sins and lower decisions, The URANTIA Book indicates that there is wrongdoing and deviating from God’s way of truth, beauty, and goodness.)
  • The Lucifer Rebellion is completely over. (The URANTIA Book indicates that there is still much to resolve on this world, which resulted from the Rebellion, and that Christ Michael’s will for this world is still being outworked and that much adjudication is still in process.)
  • We are all gods because we have a Fragment of God within us, the Thought Adjuster. (The URANTIA Book is very clear that we are finite and mortal and have a long ascension ahead of us in order to reach the level of finaliter status, which is the closest to a “god” that we mortals will attain. The URANTIA Book also explains that the Thought Adjusters have a very difficult time reaching most of humanity, and God clearly speaks of created mortals as “His children” and calls upon them to do His will rather than theirs.)
  • There are no absolutes, and all truth is relative. (The URANTIA Book presents absolutes, as well as clarifying how truth also is relative when applying God’s will within specific circumstances of time and space.)

     The channelers began to use terms that were very close to those in the early transmissions/papers of Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation (CFER), even calling the channeled messages “transmissions.” From the very beginning of this channeling sensation within the Urantia movement, certain information and concepts presented in CFER have been used by (what is now known as) “the Teaching Mission,” which seem to parallel some of the information in CFER but in reality puts a “spin” on it, thus creating a distortion, a falsehood.
     The concept of “the correcting time,” which is used by channelers in the New Age movement as well as in the Teaching Mission, is actually what is referred to in Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation (CFER) as “the adjudication of the Bright and Morning Star versus Lucifer” or simply “the adjudication.”  Those of us who were the “first forum” for CFER recognized decades ago, back in the early 1990s, that the Teaching Mission was a decoy to the Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation. Again, decoys are one of the greatest tricks of Caligastia to take the people’s eyes off of the highest truth.

Decoys Since 1955—The Publication Year of The URANTIA Book

     It was a decades-long process of the Revelatory Commission (Celestial Overcontrol) communicating with the human Contact Commission (a small group of people) in Chicago that eventually culminated in the Urantia Papers, which were published as The URANTIA Book in 1955. During the same period of time in the Chicago area, the Baha’i temple was being designed and built. The Baha’i religion teaches the sisterhood and brotherhood of humankind under one God, as do the Urantia Papers teach the Fatherhood of God and the sisterhood/brotherhood of humans. There was a certain “buzz” going around certain spiritual circles of Chicago about both events, with people deciding which one was of greater spiritual significance.
     Of course, the beauty of the Baha’i teachings cannot compare with the epochal revelation of the Urantia Papers, but through the influence of Caligastia they were used then (and still now) as a decoy to keep certain people away from the significance of Urantia Papers as an epochal revelation. I am sure the temple was much more impressive than 533 Diversey Parkway (administrative headquarters for The URANTIA Book), as people usually are impressed by outward appearances.
     In 1955, when the First Edition of The URANTIA Book was published, our country was in a kind of a “Nelson-family” mentality; everything was hunky dory. “The Great American Dream” seemed to be accessible to most people (at least white people), and there actually was a true middle class. Materialism was the decoy, and that decoy is still existent today. Here are some other decoys that emerged around the time The URANTIA Book was first published: 

  • Scientology — L. Ron Hubbard characterized his self-help system of Dianetics as a religion beginning in 1952. In 1953, he incorporated Church of Scientology in New Jersey. In 1955, he established the "Founding Church of Scientology" in Washington, D. C.
  • Transcendental Meditation (TM) — Maharishi Mahesh Yogi originated this meditation technique and began publicly teaching it in 1955.
  • Unification Church — Sun Myung Moon started this religion in 1954, and it spread like wildfire in the United States, particularly in university areas.
  • Crystal Cathedral — In 1955 Robert Schuller and his wife started this very popular sector in southern California, which was an affiliate of the Reformed Church of America. The building seated over 2,700 and had several services on Sundays.
  • Unarius Academy of Science — Considered a UFO religion (Universal Articulate Interdimensional Understanding of Science) with 100 volumes of material that have been channeled since 1954.
  • Hinduism/Tantric Yoga — Ananda Marga founded this (The Organization to Propagate the Path of Bliss) worldwide in 1955.
  • Church Universal and Triumphant — This grew out of what Mark L. Prophet founded in 1958 (Summit Lighthouse). Elizabeth Clare Prophet carried on her husband’s work.
  • Since its initial publication in 1955, many forces have come against The URANTIA Book, with the media calling it “the alien bible” and other derogatory names. Those of the “1%”—specific individuals among the wealthiest 1% who are motivated strictly by greed and are gaining complete control the world’s resources—are very fearful of truth that can set people free from the powerful hold of materialism. The 1% come against anything that they think will lessen their grip on the people of the world. And so, for most of mainstream America, URANTIA Book readers became “cultists,” and the Urantia teachings are considered “weird.” The 1% has done a very good job, because after more than sixty years (since its initial publication), The URANTIA Book has only reached a very small minority of the inhabitants of the earth—not enough to make a dent in the consciousness of the world.

     The 1% came after the Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation too, and especially me as the human vessel used to bring it through. I was misrepresented very sophisticatedly on television and radio, in some major newspapers, and, unfortunately, within the Urantia movement itself. As was mentioned previously, our Lord Christ Michael—being the Fourth Epochal Revelation—was Himself completely misrepresented. Caligastia’s decoy back then (besides the outright lies against Jesus and what He was teaching, from the religious fundamentalists) was the 1% of that day:  the Roman Empire.
     To be a Roman citizen was a special privilege, and all an individual had to do was accept the Roman gods and sign on the dotted line of citizenship. Being a Roman citizen entitled a person to special jobs, power, prestige, and accessibility to travel throughout the Roman Empire. The Roman armies incorporated slaves into their legions, with the possibility of becoming Roman citizens if they served loyally and believed in the Roman gods.
     Only the Jewish people held out and kept their religion—the religion of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob—which was also the religion of the parents chosen by Celestial Overcontrol for Michael’s seventh bestowal as Jesus, for Judaism was considered the highest religion of the times in that area. For a time, it seemed that Palestine was protected by God, for the Jewish people were left alone in their religion while others were crushed who did not accept the Roman gods. But, as Jesus did prophesy, the Jewish people became materialistic and lost their faith in the God of their fathers, thus becoming more warlike and dissatisfied. In 70 a.d. Roman General Titus quelled a revolt of the Jews, destroying Jerusalem and their temple, which ended the Jewish state (until modern times) and dispersed the Jewish people throughout Asia and Europe.
     The 1% of today (who own all the mainstream media) portray people of faith as antiquated and unintelligent. Through Hollywood and other media outlets, they market that which is opposite of God’s goodness—selfish vanity, extreme materialism, sexual misconduct, psychological brutality, and physical violence. Besides describing The URANTIA Book as the weird alien book, those who read it are depicted as not in vogue. This kind of diminishment of the significance of an epochal revelation is very unfortunate and slows the true progress of individuals and the entire world.
     Only those who were spiritually “born again” understood what Jesus meant when He said, “The kingdom of God is within you.” Those who believed in Christ’s resurrection were blessed with an inner strengthening and were doubly blessed if they also witnessed seeing Him in morontia form. The false religious teachers of Jesus’ day tried to deny the Fourth Epochal Revelation’s teachings and particularly His resurrection, and thus missed that blessing. To this day, many miss the blessing of the Fourth Epochal Revelation by falling prey to their own evil ways and the decoys of falsehoods and lies about His life and resurrection. It is tragic that so many deny the significance of the life of Jesus and His true identity, as well as His Second Coming.
     The loyal midwayers of this world appealed to Christ Michael to allow the Fifth Epochal Revelation information to be given, and hence the gift of The URANTIA Book. And many think Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation (much of which is in The Cosmic Family volumes) is also part of that gift. After being on this planet for millenniums, the midwayers knew very well the divisions that “religions” can cause among humankind and all the wars that have occurred because of manmade religious doctrines, which were not the truths of our Father in heaven.
     According to Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation, the final phase on Urantia of the adjudication of the Bright and Morning Star versus Lucifer actually began in 1911, which initiated the era of the pre-stage of light and life—a pre-stage that would accelerate not over a 200,000-year period, or a 2,000-year period, but approximately a 110-year to ???-year period. Part of the unfoldment of the pre-stage of light and life is the finalizing of the adjudication, the “correcting time.”
     Soon after 1911 in the years and decades following, “natural” disasters began to occur with more frequency and intensity, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths across the planet.  Manmade disasters have also increased with World Wars I and II causing millions of deaths and major worldwide destruction of cities and cultures. Pandemics (that are both “natural” and manmade) have wiped out millions, including the recent coronavirus (COVID-19). Most notably was the worldwide influenza pandemic in 1918–1919, which is estimated to have caused 75 to 80 million deaths. The HIV/AIDS pandemic, which was discovered in 1981 and is still “active,” has caused more than 25 million deaths worldwide. More people have died since 1911 than throughout all the history of Urantia, which seems to be a “sign of the times”—a “karmic” result of most of humankind being out of God’s will and His divine pattern for the last 200,000 years basically.
     In 1989 both Machiventa Melchizedek and the Bright and Morning Star came to the earth—Machiventa Melchizedek permanently and Gabriel of Salvington visiting periodically in the years following, with some of those visits being “upsteppings” of the adjudication of the Bright and Morning Star versus Lucifer. The presence of the Melchizedek and the visits of the Bright and Morning Star are meant to bring our world Urantia closer to the first stage of light and life. Immediately after the Bright and Morning Star first came in April of 1989, the Iron Curtain disintegrated, as well as the Soviet Union with the Perestroika. Other worldwide political revolutions and social unrest have occurred and continue today.  
     Many of these events were referred to in the books of Isaiah and Revelation in the Bible, as well as in other prophesies of other religions and belief systems. Only those who have “eyes to see and spiritual ears to hear” can understand that we are in crucial times where major changes are occurring on this world, with hopefully the soon Second Coming of Jesus Christ Michael back to the earth/Urantia. There is an awareness among those who study Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation that a vast array of celestial personalities are gathering on Urantia to be part of a new divine planetary government that will usher in the first stage of light and life.
     Caligastia and his greedy 1%, who control the materialistic world, do not want people to unite under the banner of the Fifth Epochal Revelation in order to assist in implementing the outworking of this planet’s higher destiny. The 1% want people to stay in lower consciousness, religiously and otherwise. And those who have tried to truly follow the Fourth Epochal Revelation (Jesus) have been persecuted and martyred throughout history.
     The 1% uses another most-effective decoy, of keeping humans all fighting with each other—if not by physical war and death, then by religious concepts, which parallels Lucifer’s strategy in the seven-year debate where the lies of his Manifesto were presented. This debate is still going on today, with many succumbing to the lure of selfishness:  self-assertion and unbridled liberty.  
     As is with the case with any writings of spiritual truth, an individual can read The URANTIA Book for years but never really know the Author of the book, who is Christ Michael Himself, through His created celestial beings who serve Him loyally in His administration. He talks about His Father’s Master Universe and the ascension process of those new souls born on Urantia, which is the majority of the billions on it.
     The first small group of humans (Contact Commission, who had initial contact with the Celestials) and the ensuing Forum of humans (who gathered to hear the transmitted papers read) were comprised of all new souls. When the Revelatory Commission (Celestial Overcontrol) tried to present information about the incarnated “hybrids” (that Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation calls “ovan souls” and “starseed”), there was a great dispute among the Forum, for those brand new souls could not personally resonate with previous lives since they had never had one. They had no consciousness of living before, no emotional memories, no genetic memories—none of the impressions and feelings that are experienced by starseed. Some thought that a fallen entity was now speaking through the sleeping human vessel. Because these humans could not accept the information, it was dropped at that time and thus never was presented later in the Urantia Papers that were indited in 1934 and 1935.
     (Harry Loose, who was briefly present with the first Forum in the very early years, spoke of the hybrids that the celestials had brought up to the beginning Forum of new-soul humans who could not accept the information. There is more information on this in the well-documented Sherman Diaries, Volume One, compiled by Saskia Praamsma with Matthew Block.)
     The Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation (CFER) calls those who have had past lives “repersonalized” souls, not reincarnated souls. The information brought through in the very early days about hybrids, which never was included in The URANTIA Book, was very clear that there were those on Urantia who had been on the earth before—some over and over again. CFER says there are more than 700 million of these hybrids/starseed on the earth today, and more are still being born. The Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation is their story, you might say. It is the teachings of Ascension Science of three other universes, besides Nebadon, and the Physics of Rebellion, as displayed on Urantia and other fallen worlds in Nebadon. It tries—concept upon concept and precept upon precept—to teach the effects of wrong thinking, wrong decisions, and various levels of error, sin, and iniquity upon humanity.   
     Maybe that is why Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation (CFER) is in The Cosmic Family volumes rather than in The URANTIA Book, volumes 2, 3, 4, etc. CFER is built upon the fulcrum of the Urantia Papers and is indeed a continuation of Fifth Epochal Revelation, but Celestial Overcontrol is using a different method of bringing this material through a human vessel, for CFER is given as a result of circumstantial reality—what is occurring now and is continuing to come through, for the benefit of those who are in conscious collaboration with Celestial Overcontrol as Destiny Reservists to help (on the human side) in the implementation of “the golden age” as referred to in The URANTIA Book.   

     In the kingdom of God on earth—the one coming (the physical) and the one within the hearts and souls of those who have truly turned their lives over to God—there is no competition. There is only love. There is only truth, beauty, and goodness. Like Dalamatia 200,000 years ago, where the highest of the races came for spiritual and higher-civilization learning (including agriculture), so does Divine Administration work today, in its beginning stages, to serve not only the Destiny Reservists who are called to come here but to serve all humanity.
     So those in Divine Administration (in Rio Rico, Arizona) study the Fifth and Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation and also live its truths in their everyday interactions with each other, for only through experiential learning (like Jesus taught the apostles) can one truly learn epochal revelation. That is one of the reasons why Jesus never wrote anything in His day. Head knowledge without experience is just that—knowledge. Wisdom comes with experiential knowledge.
     Dalamatia was a great campus of all races and all forms of thought, with people coming together under a common banner:  the Fatherhood of God and the brother-/sisterhood of humankind. And for 300,000 years great and wondrous things happened on Urantia, until the Lucifer Rebellion was implemented by Caligastia on this world. The result of the Rebellion is present-day Urantia, with all its confusion, suffering, and religious conceptual division.
     Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation and Divine Administration have lasted now for more than thirty years (in spite of many decoys and attempts to stop its expansion and outworkings). Those aligned with Divine Administration, and who live in the intentional community of a golden-age culture, have grown to be one of the largest EcoVillages in the United States member-wise. The 100+ Destiny Reservists from all over the planet have endeavored to bring The URANTIA Book and Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation to the world, and it is our raison d’être every day. Most importantly is the love of God in our hearts.
     The majority of humankind have never understood the starseed, and in recent history the minority of starseed were often seen as a separate subculture of bohemians, beatniks, hippies, and New Agers. We have both first-time Urantians (new souls) and starseed in our intentional community, and, although the new souls do not quite understand the starseed, we interact as a loving family on a daily basis. The new souls in Divine Administration study alongside the starseed to learn both The URANTIA Book and Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation and have an understanding of the Physics of Rebellion and Ascension Science—two subjects I won’t even attempt to write about here.
     These new souls, upon meeting an individual, can actually often determine whether that person is a new soul or a starseed, and even at times determine which of the three other universes the starseed may be from. It is a wonderful experience, this spiritual unity. You should try it!

Van of Urantia

Van of Urantia is one of the most unique and distinct spiritual leaders and authors of our time. His work provides wisdom, cosmic absolutes, and answers to the questions of the seeking soul.

He is the co-founder of Global Community Communications Alliance, a multifaceted global change nonprofit, comprised of approximately 120 change agents from five continents. Van of Urantia also co-founded The University of Ascension Science & The Physics of Rebellion.

His lifelong devotion to God and service to humankind has led him through many levels of spiritual growth resulting in his founding innovative and highly successful programs for helping others to ascend spiritually so they can heal and prosper as ascending souls of God.

Van of Urantia has been very active for the last 30 years in trying to get governmental legislation against Internet misrepresentation and degradation of character stopped on the Internet. He appreciates your prayers to help activists all over the world against this kind of character assassination.