True Leaders—Where Can You Find Them? How Can You Identify The False Leaders? Why Do We Need Leaders?

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There is a rift now within the general nationwide Occupy movement between the Declaration (99D) project (who want to set up a New Continental Congress with a new Constitution, mostly organized by a man called Michael Pollok, a New York criminal attorney) and the rest of the Occupy movement, who had a General Assembly meeting in Philadelphia on July 4, 2012, comprised of its many contingencies and organizers from all over the country. It looks as though the 99D group still thinks that change can happen within the existing system, and the Occupy movement organizers believe that real change can only happen outside the current system.

I believe that both sides have correct and incorrect points of view, and the problem is that—as in most differences of opinion—people cannot expand their minds enough to see how another person’s or another group’s viewpoint may be correct within their own methodology. As I have stated before in many of my published articles, I definitely do not think that real change can happen within the system, and I think that the 99D group is naïve to think that the United States government is going to accept a new Constitution and a new Congress that is not elected by the vast majority of the citizens of this country, mainly because the 1% and its power base of corporate entities and the military will not allow it.

Now these two groups are in division about issues that they should not even try to tackle at this time. In the beginning of the movement, the issue was very clear: stop the control of the 1% over the 99%. Now these two factions are getting sidetracked by arguing whether transgender delegates should be brought in or not. The 99D group seems to discriminate against transgenders while the Occupy movement itself allows for a diversity of thought.

If too much diversity is allowed, then relative thinking that allows for unethical and wrong decisions can occur. And, though diversity is necessary, so is unity of decision and purpose. It seems that balance today is hard to find in any medium, particularly when it involves social and moral issues.

It is all a little confusing at this point, and I think that is because there are so many individuals involved on both sides in consensus decision-making that a clarity of direction cannot be found. Even decisions made in a democracy by majority vote can often elect a policy, an ordinance, a statute, a law, or even a President that is not the overall best for the majority of citizens, the country, or the world.

At this point in humankind’s evolution, there have to be regulations on just about everything. If not, for instance, the environment can be (and is already being) destroyed by unethical, profit-motivated industry that pollutes our water, air, and earth; or people get ripped off by financial institutions that charge too high rates for loans and entice faulty investments; or the television and movie industry produces programs and advertising that is not for the highest good of the viewers (especially children) and causes increased malcontent, apathy, selfishness, unease in the mind, and immorality. In a truly civilized society regulations are necessary until most in the society have evolved into being more altruistic and socially responsible citizens.

Though necessary in a truly democratic society, free speech also should have its limitations. For example, when someone advocates anarchism that would destroy all civilizing and regulating influences of an orderly society, this cannot be allowed. When a new culture is being built from the grassroots, disagreement usually occurs as people work out ideas and plans, but continued open dissension can destroy that beginning community, so there have to be more regulations that ensure civil and progressive discussion. As a community grows to become hundreds of people, then thousands, then hundreds of thousands, then millions, the core government that holds the new culture together can give more opportunity for the people to voice opinions, no matter how openly destructive they may be. Thus here in America—with more than 300 million people in a country that has existed for more than 235 years now—unless someone is advocating violence, they should be allowed to speak. The public will either listen or walk away.

Many people think that when they vote, they are voting for something or someone for the common good of all, but in actuality they are voting for who or what they think is best for them. As I have been saying throughout this book, it does take people with a spiritualized mind and an understanding of what the Spiritualution movement is to bring about true peace and justice for all the people, not only of this country but the world.

Leaders are definitely needed at various positions in government and for a people’s republic to function. However, these leaders should not be elected because they agree with your politics. It is politics that have screwed the world up for centuries. Ministers of State should not be elected because they have degrees from Harvard in political science, law, social welfare, or any other degree, or even a degree in theology from Harvard, because these individuals are most likely brand new souls who do not have a multi-dimensional astral past-life experiential mind or soul. They are one-dimensional in how they view many things. That is why they were able to get their degrees. They just answered their tests according to what their teachers wanted. Older souls question everything and usually do not get along with their teachers or professors or the education system, per se.

Throughout modern history, usually newer souls have been the ones elected because most of the people on this planet who vote are new souls too. And the ones running for office are saying what they, the people/new souls, presume to be the truth. The problem is—and it is a big one on this planet—that a new soul can rarely know what is best for all the people in relationship to serving humanity and humanity’s needs.

But here is the good news: there are a percentage of souls on this planet called starseed who are older souls, and if you get that astral (past-life) experience and spirituality mixed together in a man or woman, you have the beginning of a great leader. The greatest leaders in the history of the world have usually been starseed. Here is a very small list of starseed leaders of the last few hundred years who challenged the established thought-systems with something more evolved: Martin Luther, Teresa of Avila, Oliver Cromwell, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Baha’u’llah, Nelson Mandela, Hildegard Von Bingham, Benazir Bhutto, John and Robert Kennedy, Aung San Suu Kyi, and many more.

Other great leaders who are new souls are: Martin Luther King, Jr., Stephen Biko, Ken Saro Wiwa, Gandhi, and President Jimmy Carter, to name a few. All five of these men had to deal with the fallen system and the 1%, and new souls do not fare as well but they still make great accomplishments, although they are often more manipulated by starseed leaders in office. Many of these new souls can accomplish what they do because they have starseed genetics from their ancestors. See The Cosmic Family, Volume 1.

Until the people’s spiritual eyes are opened to know who these great leaders are in contemporary times, the people will often choose the wrong ones. The real leaders are usually oppressed by the system and misrepresented, because the 1% does not want them “out there” with the truth. Often the only medium these elder leaders have is the Internet or books they can get published, via print on demand. As I mentioned in a previous article, even Free Speech TV and Link TV play it safe and do not let speakers who rock the boat too much (particularly bringing in spirituality) in their programming. After all, they are licensed by the FCC—the Federal Communications Commission. And often they go too far to the left, into relativity, and have programs where anything goes.

You also cannot look for these leaders at established churches, particularly nondenominational Christian fundamentalist churches. I would look more towards the more liberal groups in Christianity and other religious persuasions. These leaders probably have left the system a long time ago and are either the head of intentional communities or a member of one. They usually gravitate to subcultures, and many are artists like musicians, painters, sculptors, and entrepreneurs, like Elon Musk, Co-Founder of PayPal, who started SpaceX, and Richard Branson, who started Virgin Records and now Virgin Galactic, a space tourism company. However, the majority of starseed are not interested so much in making money as in bringing cutting-edge ideas to the world.

You will not usually be able to find them in the New Age movement either because too many in that movement deny the existence of a personal Creator. And even if these individuals were in the New Age for a while, it probably was when they were much younger and realized that without having a truly spiritualized mind in relationship with the Creator, higher truths cannot be found. Much of the New Age teachings have a lot of relativity and deny absolutes.

All higher spiritual seekers discover that there is relativity within absoluteness, but not absoluteness in relativity. In other words, a leader must have a sense of the absoluteness of right and wrong within divine law and pattern in order to make the highest decisions pertaining to a multitude of situations where relativity is then applied.

When only relativity guides someone in leadership, there is no foundation of absoluteness in ethics, morality, and spirituality that guide them in making decisions in everyday circumstantial reality, thus many decisions are arbitrary and lack wisdom or foresight and are based on selfish and often immoral and unethical motives. As civilization advances, higher regulatory moral conduct has to be written within laws that govern a vast variety of people who make up the masses of modern civilization that have now reached the hundreds of millions in some countries and billions in others.

In the kingdom of God there is no competition. There is only understanding and the knowledge within one’s self that another person is more spiritually qualified to govern than you are. The thirst for power blinds most candidates for office. If understanding and spiritual discernment guided individuals running for office, there would not have to be elections, or if there are elections, there would be no dirty politics that come with campaigning. The most spiritually-advanced individual should have the position, and all candidates should know that.

If they would have recognized Jesus Christ, who was the Son of God, they would not have crucified Him. But the 1% have never been about recognizing true leaders—spiritual or otherwise—and they have always come against them with their police or armies, and misrepresented them with the media of the time.

On a fallen world like Earth, wise understanding and discernment within the spiritualized mind are not there among the majority of leaders. Many in the younger generation are now beginning to have eyes to see this. That is why the Occupy movement is happening, not just in this country but all over the world. No form of government has worked in its greatest potential on this planet in the last 200,000 years since the Lucifer Rebellion. Great ideals have led many a revolution, but these revolutions all fell to greedy rulers who control the masses, no matter what that form of government was called.

Only with a Divine Administration, on a planetary level, can true peace and justice come to this planet. That is why people all over the world are crying out for change and revolution. But what they all have not realized yet is that it will take a Spiritualution movement to solve the problems of their country and the rest of the world. In all of these countries and religions of the world, their scriptural texts speak of a coming of a Promised One, who will rule and reign and bring peace to the earth.

Many of the young people of these countries and religions do not even know that this teaching is in their religions, because they have not yet gotten into their own religions enough. However, the real thing that they have to get into is not actually their religions but to become better human beings—human beings who treat others as they want to be treated, human beings who practice love toward all humankind, human beings who do not see colors of races with prejudiced eyes but see only other brothers and sisters.

True spirituality is not about being born again in a fundamentalist religion that perceives that its way is the only way to reach eternity. It is not about being “washed in the blood of Christ” but actually about understanding what Christ taught about love. It is not about accepting the doctrines of man of any of these religions. It is about the freedom to freely worship the Creator in whatever way we see fit, without someone telling us that were not “saved” if we do not do it the way they do.

The Spiritualution, the spiritual revolution, is about actively fighting against evil wherever it is found, actively seeking justice for all the peoples of the planet (not just for yourself and your own group, whatever that group may be). It is about using your talents for the common good of all, not just yourself or the corporation you work for. Your use of talents has to go much further than your employer. It has to reach out to all humanity. That is why the Creator gave you these talents.

In my numerous articles, I have spoken about these things in various ways, but often—unfortunately on this fallen world, with people trapped in fallen systems of thought—the same truth has to be said in many ways before a person really gets it. A lot of the middle class apathy-ites and definitely the 1% do not want to get it. What? Love run this planet rather than greed? Giving run this planet rather than taking? Equal opportunity for all run this planet? Taking to the streets to peacefully protest rather than turning a blind eye to oppression?

Many people have these good thoughts, but they brush them off because they feel it can never happen, that it is too idealistic. And so they back off into a safe corner of their minds and hearts and never do anything to change anything. That is why the 1% have kept the rule for many centuries over the 99%, because unfortunately many in the 99% are the apathy-ites. It is mostly the young adults and some teens wise beyond their years (and most of them starseed) in America who are now beginning to take to the streets and are starting to cry out for true freedom instead of bondage to the 1% and the system of greed.

In other countries life is much more difficult, but life in America, Canada, England, Germany, and basically the Anglo-Saxon countries are still very comfortable for so many citizens. That will change because more and more people will wake up (particularly the parents of the young out on the streets) and start to scream too, like they are doing in Syria and Yemen and Egypt and Libya and Bahrain and Burma, where thousands of monks marched with the people in protest. People in these countries definitely have their own Spiritualution movement going on. The Spiritualution movement is transnational and trans-religious and preaches no particular religious doctrines, but it does encourage active civil disobedience against the world’s 1% oppressors.

The 1% controls the 99%, but the people who suffer most are the third-world countries in which people live in squalor, malnutrition, hunger, and disease with no hope of ever getting out of their forced-upon circumstances. Here in America 90 million Americans (as of 2007) live under the poverty level. This is according to Bob Herbert, “The Millions Left Out,” New York Times, May 12, 2007. With the present economic situation in America, this figure probably is even higher. Poverty, on material as well as spiritual levels, is the reason for drugs, violence, and crime. Where there is no hope, there is no future. And it is written, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

In the beginning of the American Revolution in the 1770s, the uprising began within the churches. The pastors were the leaders. They spoke out for moral reasons against the British imperialism. They created a form of Spiritualution movement. They did not call it that, but that is what it was. It is too bad they had to pick up arms to win against oppression of the American people by the Crown of England, the 1%. But the first shots were fired by the British.

In the recent celebration of the sixty-year reign of Queen Elizabeth II, called the Diamond Jubilee, millions of people cheered while the elite (dressed to the hilt in their military uniforms and opulence) drove by. The majority of these millions of people do not even realize their oppression. They have settled for less in their lives than what the Creator would want for their destinies. They have settled for less for the destinies of their own children and grandchildren.

If you are questioning what some of the concepts mean that I am talking about, you can study more about them in depth in my books The Divine New Order and the Dawn of the First Stage of Light and Life and The Cosmic Family volumes.

On this earth we have not even evolved to seeing ourselves as planetary citizens. We are still very much into nationalism. Nationalism continues to divide one group of people from another. According to The URANTIA Book and The Cosmic Family volumes, an evolutionary planet with various races and creeds has to come to a place where we see each other as planetary brothers and sisters, not as it is now with approximately 196 countries in competition for political power and the earth’s resources. All races of color can intermarry and amalgamate eventually into one race with one common language so that we can understand each other and still appreciate our uniqueness as individuals. (There may still be other languages among the diversity of peoples, but all people can also speak a common language.)

The divisions on this planet are many and seemingly insurmountable, particularly religious differences on the nature of God. But peace will never come to this planet unless all human beings everywhere begin to adopt true spiritual change within themselves and begin to see the world with spiritual eyes. This is the Spiritualution movement that is so needed all over this world, and this is what people are really crying out for, one person at a time.

It can begin with you. Are you willing to change your viewpoints that may be wrong? Are you willing to think of the betterment of other people other than yourself? Are you willing to unoccupy your couch and do what you can to change this world? And if you have, and now possibly have taken to the streets, perhaps you have to unoccupy your minds of old thinking to embrace higher truth and more higher concepts of planetary ordinances, statutes, laws, and conduct for a new civilization of peace and justice for this planet. As has been emphasized by many wise spiritual leaders over the centuries: you need to be the change.

Van / Gabriel of Urantia / TaliasVan

Van / Gabriel of Urantia / TaliasVan is one of the most unique and distinct spiritual leaders and authors of our time. His work provides wisdom, cosmic absolutes, and answers to the questions of the seeking soul.

He is the co-founder of Global Community Communications Alliance, a multifaceted global change nonprofit, comprised of approximately 120 change agents from five continents. Gabriel of Urantia also co-founded The University of Ascension Science & The Physics of Rebellion.

His lifelong devotion to God and service to humankind has led him through many levels of spiritual growth resulting in his founding innovative and highly successful programs for helping others to ascend spiritually so they can heal and prosper as ascending souls of God.

Van / Gabriel of Urantia / TaliasVan has been very active for the last 30 years in trying to get governmental legislation against Internet misrepresentation and degradation of character stopped on the Internet. He appreciates your prayers to help activists all over the world against this kind of character assassination.