Statement of Purpose

Section 2. The purpose of the church, shall be to bring about the realization of the Fatherhood of God and the sonship and daughtership and consequent brotherhood and sisterhood of all men and women, which is personally realized in loving ministry and social service within a sustainable society.

This purpose shall be implemented through the church objectives as follows:

a. to conduct worship services and carry out the sacerdotal functions of the church;
b. to establish, organize, and support a religious order of committed believers;
c. to implement divine administration on a human level;
d. to establish and support missionary training, classes, seminars, and educational programs for all ages locally and globally;
e. to disseminate epochal revelation;
f. to support humanitarian efforts contributing to a more compassionate and sustainable civilization;
g. to promote the unity of expanded spiritual consciousness and individual spiritual ascension through: care and healing for the soul, mind, and body;
2.publications, art, music, radio programs, film, television, and World Wide Web productions, theatrical performances, and other means of appropriate ministry outreach;

h. to expand the church ministry programs from time to time to further these purposes and objectives.