The Witness: Tribulation Updates Through Thought Science #2 | Van / Gabriel of Urantia / TaliasVan


Gabriel of Urantia discusses false accusations, how wrong thoughts affect the environment and weather.


Hello. I am Van / Gabriel of Urantia / TaliasVan. Spiritualution, Justice to God's people, the New Jerusalem is coming your way. This is the Witness #2 Tribulation updates through Thought Science. To all those who would steal this term Thought Science, it is copyrighted and we will prosecute you to the fullest of the extent of the law if you try to steal it.

May 12th, 2021.

I want to mention again for everyone to look at “The Adjudicator is Coming'' YouTube video, which explains everything below that I'm going to say today. I want to remind everyone that we are in the mid-Tribulation, which started September 23rd, 2017, with the sign of the Virgin in the sky, the heavens. The upstepping of the Adjudication of the Bright Morning Star versus Lucifer began in 1989, when the firstborn son of Jesus Christ Michael, Gabriel (not me)–Gabriel of Salvington–came to earth, Urantia, and actually set his foot on the earth to announce his adjudication upstepping of the Bright and Morning Star versus Lucifer, which actually began in 1911. And after 1911, wow, look what took place. First of all, the plague in around 1916-17 killed like 80 million people. The beginning, that was just the beginning of the Adjudication.

Previously, Gabriel of Salvington came to Mary (mother of Jesus), Muhammad (founder of Islam) Joseph Smith (founder of the Latter Day Saints), and Gabriel of Urantia (that's me) in 1989. And fused with me for the first time to bring through the Continuing 5th Epochal Revelation that began to come through in 1911 and was more dominant in 1934 and ‘35. But it took like 50 years to publish in 1955. As spoken of in Witness #1, the planetary dio consciousness levels on a scale from one to 10 is now 7 as of this date, May 12th, 2021, because we are in the mid-tribulation and the evil, sin and iniquity in human beings is getting worse.

And this is as a result of the attacks from lower consciousness people (bad seed) against higher consciousness people (good seed) particularly in leadership situations. So don’t desire to be a leader, unless you're right with God. Not just saying you know God, but acting like you know God. An example of this in America is Congresswoman, Liz Cheney, United States representative from Wyoming (God bless her), who is trying as a member of the Republican party to stand against the ultra-right views of racism. Yeah. Racism? Womanizing. Yeah. Womanizing? And stirring up revolution in our country, which ended in an outright attack on Capitol Hill. Today House Republicans actually voted to oust her from her position as the House Republican Conference Chairwoman. Welcome to America.

Next is Russia (we aren't far away, believe me) where opposition leader, Alexei Navalny, who was poisoned is a voice against the corruption of Putin, in opposition against him. Navalny is a clear voice against the oppression of the Russian people, a voice of the people. Remember also in Russia in 2006, the poisoning and death of Alexander Litvinenko an exiled former officer in Russia's FSB spy agency who was a critic of Putin. Russia is and has been for many years, a very dio planetary consciousness energy force, causing then in Russia, earthquakes, storms of all kinds, and even (if you can believe this) 80, 90 degrees in Siberia. This is what stinking thinking does.

Recently a voice of sanity in the Republican party was Mitt Romney who spoke out against the racist policy of then-President Trump. Go Mitt. A recent South Korea newspaper reporter said North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un ordered a firing squad execution of a choir conductor in February following a theater birthday celebration where Kim reportedly praised the production, but the conductor commented he didn't think the show was very good. So he was executed. Keep your mouth shut….

The news story says AK-47 automatic riflemen publicly shot one magazine, 30 pounds each, and that the conductor's body was hit by 90 shots. And became so full that it could not be lifted. I guess a lot of those bullets stuck right in his body. The report also said members of the choir were forced to march past the dead body. Hmm, pretty sick, I'd say, huh? Continued fear in Korea has caused throughout the years (then they come to us for food, right?) drought and millions die of starvation. Stinking thinking.

In the Middle East this week, beginning with tense clashes in Jerusalem, a mosque is retaliating after Israel's military attacks, including destroying a Gaza residential tower yesterday in the ongoing conflict between Palestinians and Israelis. Where so far more than 1,000 rockets lit up the skies of Israel cities in airstrikes.

Did you hear about the old woman who was going to bed (maybe your grandmother)?. A rocket hit her house. Gone. Dead. Could have been your grandmother or grandfather right? Who cares? It's just over there. Several have been killed on both sides and injured. This of course causes great tensions on both sides. People are afraid to even go to sleep, to walk out of their doors because somebody with a hatchet might cut their head off. Innocent people concerned about their lives put great fear into the air and elements that could cause drought and even earthquakes to happen. It's been happening over there. There's been a lot of fear and this stupid tit-for-tat stuff, saber-raising stuff will lead to Armageddon.

In America, millions are affected by the pipeline hack. And all of the spoiled Americans affected are only concerned about not being able to go to work. What they should have done is (as I mentioned in another tweet, if they really wanted to hurt America) they should cut the cartel lines. Americans won’t get their drugs. All these Americans complaining about not being able to go to work, they aren't smart enough to have their gas tanks filled at all times and are now wondering if they can even take their kids to school, get their groceries, and a number of other things. Well, you know, Americans, it's called survival. Not even survival of the fittest, how about survival of the smartest. I wrote this book, How to Build Subcultures, join communities where there's good water underground, grow your own gardens, have all things in common. In America we have a last minute reality, last minute. Very few Americans are really prepared for the unexpected. So these millions of people now impacted are also putting fear into the air.

“Oh, can't get to work. Can’t take my kids to school. Can’t go out and get my cigarettes. Can’t go out and get my booze.” This all affects the elements. And the air itself, which is already polluted. If you don't know that, try taking a trip to the country, maybe you get a chance to breathe good air. See if you could tell the difference, become not a wine connoisseur, but an air connoisseur.

So you will continue to see more floods as water on the planet, and even here in America, is purifying. You know, H2O which contains the Trinity. You probably don’t even know what the Trinity is do you? The Father, Universal Father, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit. This is what the Hopi say. That we are living in the Times of the Purification. Purification of what? Your stinking thinking.

More than 400 people also were shot last month in the United States, putting grief and sorrow in all their family members, because of the loss of a loved one... shot by some idiot. One was a young child. What if it was your young child? Your little Susie or Johnny. How'd you like that to happen? Grief leads to hopelessness, and lack of hope is fear, and lack of faith. Jesus talked about the “Faith Walkers.” Sounds Native doesn’t it? These distortion energies will lead to more violence, particularly by brothers of those who have been killed by gang violence, creating more delusion and distortion waves by this thing called revenge.

Please read paper 215 of The Cosmic Family, Volume 1. Go ahead, read it. You just might get a better understanding of what the hell I'm talking about.

The recount of the Arizona election, again, is another stupid thing happening right now. For yet another time, another recount. We’ll probably have a hundred recounts before it’s all over. It's a waste of your taxpayer dollars. Yours. And all done by some in the Republican party and this guy (you know, the ex-President) to put doubt in the American mind, even though Biden clearly won the election.

At least 70 million Americans think that the election may have been waived, leaving contention and anger in the air waves, contributing to the insecurity in many millions of lives, which leads to double mindedness, which leads to schizophrenia, and a divided nation. Any kind of schizophrenia, any kind of double-mindedness, also leads to dis-ease in your body. So look, don't go to a doctor. Don't try to get a pill, or a drug, or a fix... change your stinking thinking.

But unfortunately (we're talking to you about the Tribulation and what's going down around the planet) this definitely causes the elements to get out of sequence, for particle orbits to get out of sync causing the unusual weather patterns.

“Hey, what's going on? What’s going on?”

I'll tell you what's going on. Your stinking thinking is what’s going on.

Another factor is false accusation. False accusation is often all that's needed rather than the truth and fact to demonize someone. False accusation.

We are supposed to live in a country. And we fought for this country. My father fought for this country. My father was wounded with the purple heart. My father saw action in the Pacific in Okinawa at Hacksaw Ridge, and Marshall Islands in Guadalcanal. Have you? Today, people are accused and found guilty just by the accusation. And many a good person's name has been ruined without proof of guilt. This is not the American way. I'll be nice, I won’t say it's a result of “A-H”

Unfortunately, this has become the American way. Americans–when they go to Europe and when they go to the mid-East, and wherever they go now–you know what other people call them? Idiots. Yeah. Idiots. That's how our country is now looked upon. This was the downfall of Rome, and many other civilizations. False accusation. Boy, is Jesus going to judge your butt. And it just might be the downfall of America very soon if this is not stopped in our legal system, you know, our ministers of state. You wouldn’t know what a real human-rights minister was if they hit you on the head with a hammer. The American people better find out though. And they better vote real human-rights ministers in, but you know, I don't think there's time left. We blew it. Who blew it? America blew it.

We used to be the country known for justice. We used to be the country known to do, say, and act the right way. Not that everybody did it, but our leaders were supposed to do it first–to be an example to the people. We have become, on the other hand, a nation of gossipers. Gossipers. “Did you hear? Hey, did you hear? Did you hear what he said? What she said? Did you hear about him or her?” Gossipers. That's the lowest of the low. In the hood where I come from–I guess I talk like someone from the hood, sometimes it's because I’m from the hood–you call an ace, an ace. You don't try to make an ace a king, or king an ace. An ace, an ace.

Instead of saying to your neighbor, “Hey, did you hear about him or her?” Check your mouth. Check your mouth. Again, in my neighborhood, if there were someone doing that kind of thing, they’d get their butt kicked. By the time they were 12 years old, they would know to be a righteous dude.

As Jesus said to everyone. He say this to the whole world, “Be slow to speak.” Slow to speak before you judge your brother. “Oh, he didn't come to me and speak to me.” Well, why should they go to you and speak to you? You’re an “A-H.” And that's not Continuing Fifth. That's me, Van.

While there is the drought of justice going on, there will soon be a drought of the elements going on as nature responds to the dio ugliness of your immoral behavior. Nature hears you. God hears you. You might think you're getting away with your BS. You might think you are, but you're still going to have to pack up because you just lost your house. And hopefully you didn't lose a loved one's life. If you did lose a loved one's life, that’s because of you, your gossiping.

We're in the tribulation, the elements now are more responding to the dio within you. Yes. That's what's happening. That's what the Hopis predicted would happen. I went up there to Hopi land. I danced with them. I sang with them. Because I knew what was coming down years before it came down, because they told me. I had friends like Wallace Black Elk, Russell Means, Dennis Banks, Clyde Bellecourt. We all knew what was coming down for America. Do you? You’re too busy trying to get famous on the coattails of great men and women.

So get ready. It's coming down. Spiritualution Justice to God's people, the New Jerusalem is coming. Thank God.

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