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Learn how to change the world through your higher thinking, your higher actions, and what is happening to the world through dio consciousness levels © (The Cosmic Family volumes) and the disobedience of God's commandments.


TaliasVan: Hello. I am Van, Gabriel of Urantia, TaliasVan. Spiritualution, Justice to God’s People, the New Jerusalem is coming. This is May 5th, 2021, Change Point Day. That's the name given by Divine Administration for this date. It is also called Cinco De Mayo in Mexico. Our date has to do with the celebration of the purification day of the planet, also called, “The Tribulation” by the Christians. And Divine Administration meeting elders at A.I.M,  the American Indian Movement, has given this name to the planet now in relationship to the Indigenous. And A.I.M was founded by three, or four actually, Native American Elders: Clyde Bellecourt, Russell Means (who you know in “The Last of the Mohicans”), Dennis Banks, and Wallace Black Elk, who was a medicine man at the time of the modern day Wounded Knee.

Our first event was with Wallace Black Elk at Future Studios in Sedona, Arizona at the turn of the century in the year 2000. When he came to speak there I got to know him, and became friends with him. He came back several times and did talks at Future Studios, and at our campground, Camp Avalon Spiritual Nature Retreat in Sedona.

So this new video that I'm going to present from time to time is going to be called “The Witness: Tribulation Updates Through Thought Science.” “Thought Science” is a term, a concept that came about through the University of Ascension Science and the Physics of Rebellion, here on campus. You can read about delusion and energy frequencies and distortion waves, in Paper 215 of The Cosmic Family volumes. This also includes sound distortion frequencies in relationship to the Adjudication of the Bright and Morning Star versus Lucifer, that's presented in The Cosmic Family, Volume 1 and also implemented by Machiventa Melchizedek, a Melchizedek son, who was on this planet at the time of Abraham, and is on the planet now in the fifth dimension. And I could talk forever about that, but this show is not the time.

I'd like to mention one main “Thought Science” event that's happening as we speak. And this is the trial of Derek Chauvin, former police officer convicted of the murder of George Floyd– an obvious murder. However, one of the jurors had a t-shirt or sweatshirt on that said “Black Lives Matter.” And now they want to retrial, and millions and millions of people now quite upset that there may be a retrial and this man just might walk free. We don't know what's going on behind the scenes. And so every time something like this happens in the world, not just in America, our thoughts affect matter, “Thought Science.” And our thoughts affect everything. And when they're angry thoughts, when they’re thoughts of distortion and delusion, when they’re thoughts that could lead toward the next black person being murdered. The elements now in the planet start to rebel themselves, the Mother Earth in the planet starts to rebel. And this is the subject of these future videos that I'm going to share with you, how thoughts affect particle reality, not a good thing. Because the beginning of the Tribulation happened September 23rd, 2017 and this was with the sign of the virgin in the skies that was assigned by God that the Tribulation was beginning, and that our planet would birth (sign of the virgin), our planet would birth a “Divine New Order: A First Stage of Light and Life,” a new millennium. And we actually now are in the mid-tribulation because that was three years ago. And since it began there have been earthquakes continuously, tidal waves, volcanic eruptions all over the earth now… And a whole lot of other earth changes, all caused by accumulation of dio thoughts of mortals, human beings on this planet, and it's getting worse. Jesus said that in the last days prior to the coming, His coming/returning there would be a separation of the good seed and the bad seed. And that is what is happening right now.

I wrote a song (it's not out yet to the public), but hopefully soon it will be. It's called the “Good, the Bad and the Schizophrenic.” And a lot of people are at a lot of different schizophrenic levels in their actions, behaviors of course, thoughts, and so on…. and some are worse than others. And the more dio a person is, the more bad the person is they’re in the category of the bad seeds, that even when planted in the ground will not grow. No matter how much you attend to them, water them, care for them they just would not take root. Then there's the good seed. They're the ones that keep the balance in this world. They're the ones that keep the Commandments of God to the degree that they understand them. They're the ones that keep the order of this world going.

Then there's a schizophrenic, at any one time in their lives, in each day, they don't know whether to make the right choice or the wrong choice. And they usually make the wrong choices based upon their own selfishness and narcissistic ways. So what's happening now when Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd, he had a history of violence. And because this incident happened, it brought out all of the dio in him. And even though there were people on the sidewalk telling him to: “stop, you're doing the wrong thing. You're killing this man.” He was like artificial intelligence, a robot that just went on, kept his knee on this man's neck and murdered him. The look on his face and the look on his face even now, when he was at trial is one of a robotic mortal, robotic mortal. And so you need to tune in with your eyes to notice these kinds of people, because these people also are the ones that are taking guns, rifles, going into schools and marketplaces and killing other human beings, going into synagogues and churches and killing other human beings.

This is the distortion and delusion energies talked about and Paper 215 of The Cosmic Family, Volume 1.” I pray you read this book.

These are the times also mentioned by Hopi. And they mentioned “The Times of the Purification.” They took it to the United Nations, the Purification, and also called the Tribulation. It's here right now, it's upon us, and began in 2017. And so the Promised One mentioned in the New Testament, and the Old Testament, and the Qur'an, and the Bhagavad Gita, and all of the Holy Scriptures of other religions all over the world is the return of who we know here at Planetary Sacred Home as Jesus Christ Michael, who the Christians, of course, call Jesus Christ. And there's other names mentioned in all of the religions for this Promised One who would be returning.

The Bible also mentions the New Testament, and even the Old Testament, mentions a possible rapture would take place. And what would that be? Well, if an asteroid hits, and even scientists today are saying there’s one on its way... and they know something’s coming, they see something coming and I have a video out called “The Adjudicator is Coming” and I suggest you look at that video. And we believe here at Planetary Sacred Home, it just wouldn't be Christians that would be raptured. And it would be good people from all religions, all over the world, that Jesus Christ Michael would take off of this planet before the planet is destroyed so that they will come back and help to educate any survivors into what's called the Fifth Epochal Revelation and the Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation. Here at Planetary Sacred Home at the University of Ascension Science and the Physics of Rebellion we teach both Revelations.

I’d like to also mention at this point, there are other YouTube channels that you should be checking out. One is called the Geomonitor produced by Melanie Kapernik and she has pictures from all over the world of the terrible things that are happening with Mother Nature right now because Mother Nature is erupting in various locations, avalanches, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and many, many other things…storms, floods, all over the world. And you need to be aware of what's going on. Don't just tune into your nightly news because they would tell you little or nothing, because the 1% doesn't want you to be that scared that you won't go out and buy things. Put your thoughts together correctly, because if you don't your family will suffer and possibly even die. So you need to be a survivor for this reason: that if you die, your physical body goes somewhere else. If you stay alive, you stay in this dimension and you can then be an aid to other people who will survive the Tribulation. And that's a long story that I will be talking about in future videos I'm going to make here as a witness to what's going on.

Planet X News, Scott, looks like his last name is C’one of Pittsburgh. I'm from Pittsburgh too. And I understand this man, the way he speaks. And I hope to get to know him in the future, a little bit. But you should watch his YouTube channel “Planet X News.”

Then there’s Terral Blackstar, he’s up in the Ozarks and he has people he’s calling up there to avoid the Tribulation. But I do like to tell Terral that, that's not a safe place. Although it’s safer than most places, but it's not completely safe either. And I won’t at this time get into why, but he's a good man, he has a lot of good information on the earthquakes and particularly in California. And he believes that the big one, the Cascadia one, could take place at any day now. And if that happens, God forbid, and I believe myself, it's going to happen, that the ocean will come in (the Pacific Ocean) and it could come all the way to the point of Arizona and down Southern Arizona, and even Michael Scanlon, back when, predicted this would happen too. So be aware and look them both up. Become informed.

Then another channel you should be looking at is W.S.O. That stands for “Wormwood System Observations” and that's by Steve Olsen, a good man who knows God. Wormwood is another word for Planet X, another word for The Adjudicator; Plant X, The Adjudicator, Plant 7X, 9X. There's a little confusion about all of that, but it's the same thing. There's something coming our way that you're not going to be happy when it gets too close to the Earth, because when it gets too close to the Earth, it disrupts a lot of things on the Earth. And this time it's going to disrupt so much that ⅓ of mankind will be killed. That's not a good thing. And for me and my family, I don't want to be part of that ⅓ being destroyed. So we do everything we can to survive. And that's what you should be doing too.

Planet 7X is presented on his YouTube channel by Gill Brussard. And he's a born again Jew, you might say, that's what they call someone like him. And he has wonderful information from both the Old Testament and the New Testament about what's happening in the world right now with earth changes. Look him up.

So we read in the Book of Revelations about the 144,000 souls that are going to help in many ways during the last days. We believe that they are Destiny Reservists, which the Urantia Book mentions as well as Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation, which is also called The Cosmic Family, Volume 1 to 6.  Only two are out into the world right now and [The Cosmic Family, Volume] 3 is about to be published, hopefully this year soon. Those Destiny Reservists, just like in the times of Dalamatia 500,000 years ago, the call for the higher evolutionary mortals on the planet at that time to come to Dalamatia (which was what some people might consider the Atlantis of its day) to come and be trained and educated by the Planetary Prince also called Calagastia, and before his fall, because he blew it and fell 200,000 years ago. But before he fell, to be trained by him and 100 supermortals from other planets and universes. And so that's a concept that is in the The URANTIA Book,  read the Lucifer Rebellion and read about Van (that's me) in The URANTIA Book and Amadon who I'll be introducing to you a little later, just for a few minutes, because he’s another witness that is going to be speaking and is already speaking on his podcast.

Those Destiny Reservists, unfortunately, many of them are making too much money right now for their good. They're stuck in IBM and Microsoft and many of the corporations on this planet, particularly in the United States, making a hundred thousand dollars a year or more, driving Porsches, driving expensive cars, buying big homes, boats. You know how that works. And they've become blind to having spiritual eyes to see what's going on in this world. But God is calling many of them to come to Planetary Sacred Home, right here, just like he called them to come to Dalamatia 500,000 years ago. And so I can't get into all that right now, but that's what I'm going to be talking about in these Witness videos.

So some of those Destiny Reservists are also mechanics, truck drivers, carpenters, and they're all over the world, but they're mostly in Western civilization right now because that's where the Andites have located themselves for the last...oh, since the dispersia of the Israelites and many dispersias, mostly two main ones where they went from Israel up into Europe, to England, then across to what's called the “New World.” In a way, that's a good name for the new world, because it is the New World and it will be the Divine New Order. And it will be at one point where the New Jerusalem will actually land, not Israel over there, because they forgot who they are. When they treat the Palestinians, like they're treating them, and a part of the Thought Science today, as I speak, they're influencing Christians from even attending their own services in Israel right now. They're fighting, they're beating up the Christians, Israel. So wake up. See what's going on.

The University of Ascension Science and the Physics of Rebellion, that's us. We're building a Global Temple. I’ll show it to you another time. You can see it at University of Ascension Science… “” You can see it. That's your Global Temple. And I'll tell you why in the future, why it's your Global Temple.

It’s a university of manifestation of your destiny, as opposed to you getting a PhD out there in the third dimensional world to put on the wall to say, “Oh, I got a PhD.” Or for you to get a job that doesn't even matter somewhere on the planet, because when the Lord returns, that could be four years, four years, your PhD won’t mean doo-doo. I guarantee you that. He’ll use a truck driver before your arrogant head. And He doesn't want attitudes, He wants humility.

This University teaches how to manifest your destiny. They don't teach you that in school. They don't teach you that in grade school, or high school, or college. We teach that here at Planetary Sacred Home–Sacred Home–that's why it's sacred, because you become actualized. You become everything God created you to be, no matter what it is. You don't have to fight your way to get it, or manipulate your way to get it. It just happens. You get up every day and you say, “Father, what do you want me to do today?” Or, “Elder help me to hear from God for what you want me to do.”  And it just begins to happen. Try it. You might just believe it's true. And you might just believe I'm telling you the truth, and I’ll be talking more about destiny in these videos to come.

I will do all these videos periodically based on the dio consciousness levels and what's happening in the world at any one time. Dio consciousness levels, that's a CFER term, so none of you supposed psychics from Sedona steal this term. I know you will though, that's what you've done for millennia. You steal things and you don't even know what they are. You make things up and use the name. There's even an audio fusion material complement in Sedona, some woman who stole it from us, from me. Don't believe it.

The consciousness levels that I'm talking about, that term I just used, many call this the Schumann Resonance. And dio consciousness levels, all the dio levels of thought on the planet at any one time, is what it really is, the Schuman resonance. It's not made any other way but by thought. No matter what they think. No matter what they say, that it's physical, it is physical because it was created by the dio thoughts of humankind. And they are dio consciousness levels that we learn here about at the University of Ascension Science and the Physics of Rebellion, which I will also be teaching more about on these witness videos in the near future.

At this time, I’d like to introduce the second witness who's already teaching on a podcast, that is the head of, Amadon DellErba, who's also Amadon of Urantia spoken about in The URANTIA Book. And you might want to read the Lucifer Rebellion in The URANTIA Book where it talks about Van and Amadon

Amadon: Good afternoon. How’s it going everybody? My name is Amadon DellErba and I have a podcast called “Get Real or Die Trying.” And it's really about the pursuit to realness and really being real is a high spiritual virtue in a world of fakeness and people running around, not really knowing who they are and their God-given personalities. And so my podcast is really about the pursuit of self-mastery. I'm learning right along with everybody and trying to figure that out and have conversations about it, have conversations about spiritual growth, what's happening on the planet, the times that we live in, how our consciousness affects things around us, and have spiritually lively conversations with other people. And also I have podcasts where I monologue, and I share about concepts and teachings that I learned from my spiritual elders, like my father, Gabriel of Urantia, my mother, Niánn Emerson Chase, and others here at the University of Ascension Science and the Physics of Rebellion where I am a student and I study the Fifth Epochal Revelation and Continuing. What that is is The URANTIA Book and then the continuing is The Cosmic Family, Volumes 1 & 2, and as he previously mentioned, there's more unpublished, but available to us here. So if you want to see the volumes that are not published, you gotta make it here. But anyways I teach and share URANTIA Book concepts and Cosmic Family, Volume 1 concepts, which is really known as Ascension Science and the Physics of Rebellion and the times we’re in on this planet. And I share those concepts, and the concepts of my father Gabriel of Urantia. So check out, “Get Real or Die Trying,” because at the end of the day I think all of us are trying to get more real, which means getting more humble, getting more honest, getting more genuine, getting more submissive to God's plan for us, which is not an easy thing on this planet for anybody, including myself.

So we're all in that process together. I'm not saying I'm in a position to teach everyone, but I'm sure I can teach some and I can help and share with you the human process. So I like to call my podcast kind of an open discussion with people about the human process of spiritually ascending, the trials and tribulations, the obstacles, and share some tools that I have found, that I've been taught by my Elders to kind of help with that sometimes. And I dissect and talk about these types of things. And I’ll be bringing in more cosmic elements to my podcast of really touching on Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation spiritual concepts and terms, and the things that we're learning here at the University of Ascension Science and how they apply to the world that we live in today.

TaliasVan: Thank you Amadon, and my subscribers… Tell your family, tell your friends to subscribe, tune in because a lot of important information is coming soon your way. Spiritualution, Justice to God's People, the New Jerusalem is coming. Thank you.

Amadon: Thank you.

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