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A Podcast With Gabriel of Urantia and Niánn Emerson Chase

The Vanetics Podcast
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Contemporary video teachings presented at the University of Ascension Science & the Physics of Rebellion, in Tumacácori, Arizona. New episodes every Sunday morning.


Ep. 28: The Ideals of Statehood - A Society of Self-Control, Discipline, & Law & Order

For centuries, valiant men and women have spoken out to connect people’s hearts with the Commandments of God. The prophets of old taught obedience to what was right because...

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Ep. 27: The Ideals of Statehood - Liberty, Security, Education, and Social Co-ordination

In the development of any state, there can be a division of ideologies that can strain international relations, where nations will rise against nations. We should strive to become...

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