The various celestial bodies now present in our solar system, including Nibiru/Planet X and the New Jerusalem, are part of the great plan of God to bring about the purification of the Earth Mother. Prophecies of these times of the purification can be traced through every culture and prophets of every age and race. Time is short on Urantia (Earth), now is time to heed these warnings, the same warnings the Hopi brought to the UN in 1992, and to make the changes necessary to prepare for the tribulation already underway.

PART 1: Connecting End Times Prophecies Through Various Cultures, Including the Hopi, and the Role of the Finaliter Paladin as Masaau'u and Other Prophets of the Past.

PART 2: Preparing for the Tribulation, Training as a Destiny Reservist & Serving Humanity Into the New Millennium

This is a call to all potential Destiny Reservists. If you believe you are a Destiny Reservist and are called by God to serve humanity then please contact us immediately.

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If you have spiritual questions please join The Lyceum, an online forum of The University of Ascension Science & The Physics of Rebellion https://uaspr.org

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