The New Jerusalem is Coming: Fulfillment of the Blue Star Kachina Prophecy & the Book of Revelation

A message for our planet from Gabriel of Urantia aka TaliasVan who holds the Mandate of the Bright and Morning Star with Niánn Emerson Chase and is a leading authority on the spiritual reasons why The New Jerusalem is coming toward us. In this video Gabriel of Urantia aka TaliasVan gives the spiritual significance of the arrival of The New Jerusalem and what this means in conjunction with the arrival of the Adjudicator, or Planet 7X. End time visions by John the Apostle on the Isle of Patmos who saw the New Jerusalem coming and wrote about it twice in the Book of Revelation. Astronomers see it but don't quite know what it is. The Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation (the Cosmic Family Vol. 1) speaks of it's coming at the time of the first stage of light & life on the Earth. It gives the date of April 1989 as the upstepping of the Adjudication of The Bright & Morning Star vs. Lucifer. What significant events also happened in 1989?? Dr. Landau Lawrence, MD, a physicist, astronomer and Vicegerent Elder in Divine Administration, is introduced in this video and will be joining Gabriel of Urantia aka TaliasVan in future episodes.
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