The Vulnerability of Materialism and the Necessity of Faith in Relationship to What's Happening in the Heavens

Materialism, or having an entirely mechanistic viewpoint of the universe, goes far beyond the superficial materialism that is consuming our capitalistic society. Though materialism certainly includes consumerism, in this teaching materialism is further taught as seeing without spirit and ignoring the reality of the soul. This limited thinking is contrasted with true faith, which is what really moves all phases of the universe and should move every ascending son and daughter in their moment-to-moment decision making and their eternal ascent toward perfection and Paradise.

In this Sunday Teaching the students, human-rights ministers, elders and co-directors of the University of Ascension Science & The Physics of Rebellion read and discuss "The Vulnerability of Materialism" from the Urantia book (Paper 195, Section 7).

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